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Except for the El Salto Formation, none of these units has yet been dated radiometrically, and their paleontological content is virtually unknown. Although Marshall and Salinas proposed a direct correlation between the El Salto and Palomares Formations with the Los Dos Mellizos and Bon Accord Members of the Santa Cruz Formation, respectively Marshall and Salinas bthe available evidence is presently inconclusive to support this assumption.

The lack of detailed lithostratigraphic studies in the Magellanian units coupled with the dubious taxonomic assignments given to the few described vertebrate fossils precludes a definitive conclusion about the relationships between those units. Future work in the eastern part of the Magallanes Region is required to clarify these suggested correlations.

We measured a 91 m thick stratigraphic section Fig. True thicknesses rounded to the nearest 10 cm were determined with a tape measure and Brunton compass, applying corrections incorporating the traverse orientation, slope angle and spatial orientation of the strata. The following subdivision from bottom to top of section is generally based on fining-upward successions with prominent basal sandstones or conglomerates. Many minor fining-upward cycles are present, but due to the nature of the outcrops are not always clearly exposed.

Location of Sierra Baguales and places mentioned in text. Measured lithostratigraphic column of the basal part of the Santa Cruz Formation. Unit 1 has a total thickness of Overlying an erosional contact at the base is a 0. The sandstone is poorly sorted with sub-rounded chert clasts together with clay pellets and lenses. It grades into a 1. Overlying this sub-unit with an erosional contact is a low-angle and trough cross-bedded conglomerate with quartz and chert clasts up to 2 cm in diameter, grading upward into high-angle cross-bedded conglomerate with a medium-grained sandstone matrix.

This fining-upward sub-unit is 0. It is followed by a 0. Above this sub-unit is a 0.

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At the top of unit 1 is a coarse-grained sandstone with epsilon cross-lamination and scattered clasts up to 1 cm in diameter, reaching a thickness of 0. The troughs in this basal, sandy part of unit 1 are up to 3 m wide, indicating currents generally flowing to the north-northeast, but varying between northwest and east. This sandstone package grades into a 19 m thick covered interval probably consisting of mudstone.

The top of unit 1 reaches a total thickness of 8. It has intercalations of light brown siltstone beds with a clay-rich matrix. Unit 2 has an erosional basal contact overlain by a 0. Scoyenia trace fossils within the sandstone consist of round, vertical tubes mm in diameter Skolithos Haldeman,as well as sinuous, short tubes along bedding planes Planolites Nicholson, The sandstone fines upward into a 1.

This is followed by greenish grey mudstone with dispersed clasts and vertebrate fragments, with a thickness of 9. The total thickness of unit 2 is Unit 3, with a total thickness of The conglomerate fines upward into 1. This sandstone grades into a 9. Unit 4 starts with a 1. It grades upward into a 3. Locally, a small lens up to 0. The unit is capped by a 1.

Vertebrate fragments are present throughout unit 4, which has a total thickness of Unit 5 is 8. Soft-weathering concretions within this sandstone contain mm-thick, upward-branching traces probably due to hymenopterids. This sandstone grades into a 4. Unit 6 has an erosional basal contact and a total thickness of 4. It commences with a 0. High-angle planar and trough cross-bedding are prominent. This bed fines upward into a 0.

This is cut by a reddish, medium-grained sandstone with scattered clasts up to 0. It has a thickness of 0. It is overlain with an erosional contact by sub-unit 6c, a very coarse to coarse, poorly sorted, fining-upward sandstone with scattered, subrounded clasts and low-angle planar cross-lamination, with a thickness of 0. Sub-unit 6d is a 0. Sub-unit 6e is a 0.

It grades upward into a 0. This mudstone grades into light greyish green mudstone reaching a thickness of 1. Unit 8 consists of yellowish, medium- to coarsegrained, poorly sorted sandstone with a clay-rich matrix. It has a preserved thickness of 1. Higher up on Cerro Cono, the Santa Cruz Formation is unconformably overlain by Plio-Pleistocene basalts, which form the watershed and frontier between Chile and Argentina in this area Fig.

Sandstone and conglomerate petrography Two thin sections were made of a conglomerate and pebbly sandstone, from units 1 and 5, respectively. Zircons were separated from the same samples for U-Pb dating. The conglomerate sample ZRLF, unit 1 consists of clast-supported, sub- to well-rounded pebbles up to 60 mm in diameter in a coarse to very coarse sandstone matrix. There is very little cement which is composed of Si, where presentso that the sample has a high porosity.

The pebbles are composed of quartzite with sutured grain contacts, pure quartz apparently derived from a porphyritic rhyolite, and devitrified glass palagonite with a spherulitic texture.

The pebbly sandstone sample ZRLF, unit 5 is very poorly sorted with sub-angular grains, classifying as a lithic arkose. Pebbles are up to 60 mm in diameter, including fine-grained, well-sorted quartz wacke, metamorphic quartzite with sutured contacts, and chert. The medium- to very coarse-grained sand fraction contains quartz, plagioclase with Karlsbad twins, volcanic rock fragments with plagioclase laths, clinopyroxene including titanaugiteand rare, untwinned and slightly weathered K-feldspar.

The fresh appearance of the plagioclase and volcanic fragments, together with the presence of pyroxene, suggest a relatively short distance of transport from a tectonically active source area rich in newly formed basalts. Like the conglomerate, this rock is also very porous, indicating a high-energy environment where finer sediments such as clay could not settle out. Some pores have a lining or are filled with well-developed zeolite crystals, suggesting low-grade metamorphism.

Depositional environment There can be little doubt that the Santa Cruz Formation in this area was deposited in a continental, fluvial environment, as indicated by the abundance of terrestrial vertebrate fragments, Scoyenia including probable hymenopterid traces, multi-coloured often reddishblocky-weathering mudstones Fig. Typical sedimentary structures in sandstones of the Santa Crus Formation.

Although fossil leaves and wood are absent or at least very rare in the Santa Cruz Formation, a fairly large diversity of microfossil remains have been found, amongst others arthropod appendages and butterfly wing scales, as well as fungi and acritarchs. Normally, pollen and spores are scarce in oxidized deposits Traverse,but in spite of this we have identified a mixture of herbaceous species, shrubs, tree ferns, and trees, including the families Poaceae Barnhart,Asteraceae Berchtold and Presl,Chenopodiaceae Ventenat,Proteaceae De Jussieu,Nothofagaceae Kuprianova,Podocarpaceae Endlicher,Onagraceae De Ju-ssieu,Myrtaceae De Jussieu,and Cyatheaceae KaulfuB, The lenticular nature of the sandstones, their fine to medium grain-size, relatively small-scale fining-upward cycles, and the presence of epsilon cross-lamination in places suggest deposition on point bars in slightly meandering river channels, as supported by the comparatively thick overbank mudstones.

The Skolithos ichnofacies Seilacher, is normally considered to represent shallow marine deposits, but Skolithos is also characteristic of the shore zones of ephemeral lakes and river f loodplains Frey et al. Paleocurrent directions were recorded wherever possible, using high-angle planar and trough cross-lamination Fig.

The measurements were tilt-corrected by rotating the strikes and dips of the containing strata to the horizontal, using the spreadsheet program of Le Roux Vector mean, magnitude and sinuosity values were subsequently calculated according to the methodology of Le Roux Nevertheless, the first and only mention on the occurrence of fossil mammals in the area was made by Marshall and Salinas bbased on a few fragmentary specimens held in the private collection of the late Mr.

Oscar Vidal, at that time the owner of the Estancia La Cumbre. In that contribution, Marshall and Salinas identified and figured the remains of an astrapotheriid ungulate referred to as Astrapotherium magnumand part of the maxillary of a 'notohippine' 'Notohippidae' considered as an unknown ungulate by the authors fossil identified by E.

Bostelmann based on figure 13 of Marshall and Salinas, b. During the last two seasons we collected fossil vertebrates in the Santa Cruz Formation on the southern slopes of Cerro Cono, in a small area of about 0.

All the remains were located between the 1, and 1, m altitude line, forming discrete patches in exposed ravines and buttes, of which the most relevant is Morro Bayo Figs.

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The materials are mostly composed of isolated pieces bone fragments, teeth, osteoderms, vertebraeand associated cranial and postcranial elements.

Most of the bones were collected on surface having been eroded from soft mudstone, thus lacking a precise stratigraphic position, although field work has shown their occurrence in all the exposed sedimentary units within the column units 1 to 8. A few disarticulated but associated elements were also exhumed in situ from units 5 to 8, including maxillary and mandibular fragments, aggregated teeth, and cranial-postcranial portions. Morro Bayo, one of the most prominent sites with fossil vertebrates in the Santa cruz Formation al Sierra Baguales.

Generally speaking, the bones present two distinct types of preservation. The vast majority show varied grades of integrity, with angular borders and little mechanical attrition and weathering. However, both types of preservation were detected in remains assigned to the most commonly recovered species within the column, leading us to suppose that the provenance of all the materials was relatively proximal.

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So far, more than specimens belonging to 23 vertebrate species have been identified. Almost all of the remains correspond to terrestrial fossil mammals, for which a preliminary taxonomic classification is given below Table 2Figs. A detailed assessment of all the materials will be published as a separate paper devoted to the taxonomic identification and regional biostratigraphic context of the fauna. The anatomical terminology used for each of the different taxonomic groups follows the proposed nomenclature of the corresponding references.

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Quotation marks emphasize informal units or non-monophyletic groups. Among the large mammals collected, the most abundant remains belong to a medium-sized astrapotheriid Order Astrapotheria, Lydekker,from which some isolated teeth i. This species, easily characterized by its dental morphology, features: Our find extends the geographic distribution of this species in the country by almost 1, km to the south, also making this occurrence the southernmost record for the genus Astrapothericulus.

A few large upper canines which exceed the normal mean of a typical medium-sized astrapotheriid i. While it is very likely that all these remains also belong to Astrapothericulus, the absence of diagnostic dental elements associated with these fragments prevents their specific identification. Given that the size range of the Sierra Baguales specimens of Astrapothericulus iheringi is slightly above the mean for the genus in northern localities Kramarz,we prefer to be conservative and preliminarily recognize the existence of only one medium-sized species in the deposits.

Nevertheless, it should be emphasized that Early Miocene astrapotheriids include a great diversity of taxa ranging from gigantic to small forms, this being the period of greatest known diversity of the order Kramarz and Bond, Selected specimens of large and medium mammals of the Sierra Baguales fauna.

Astrapothericulus iheringi Ameghino C and D belong to the same individual. A second large taxon is represented by isolated and fragmentary molars i. Due to the disproportionate number of named species within this genus, an exhaustive revision of the more abundant and typological Argentinean materials would be necessary before a specific assignment can be made for the Magallanean specimens.

The Baguales material represents one of the earliest occurrences of the genus Nesodon in the fossil record, otherwise restricted to the 'Pinturan' through Colloncuran ages of Argentina and Chile Ameghino, ; Flynn et al. The fragmentary nature of the type material upon which Ameghino created Notohippus toxodontoides prevents any definitive distinction between both entities, so that a complete revision of these genera will be required to demonstrate their taxonomic validity as partially commented on by Ribeiro and Bond, The Sierra Baguales remains represent the first documented occurrence of Neogene notohippids in the Chileanfossil record, and also the southernmost presence of this paraphiletic 'family' in South America.

Isolated teeth and incomplete hemi-mandibles with their dentitions i. As in the case of Nesodon, Adinotherium represents a classic Santacrucian representative ungulate, quite common in the type sections of the Santa Cruz Formation. Litopterns in the Sierra Baguales fauna include two different members of the family Proterotheriidae Ameghino The smallest is represented by two isolated upper molars and both dentaries of a young animal CPJLO , and ; Fig. Diagnostic characters observed in the Sierra Baguales specimens include on the upper molars: Our record is the first mention of this genus and species outside the limits of Argentina and obviously the first for Chile.

The second taxon is represented exclusively by a mandibular fragment with one well-preserved molar CPJLO It belongs to a form somewhat larger than Paramacrauchenia scamnata, which is easily distinguished because of the shape of its dental cusps.

Although the preserved tooth presents clear characters, a formal generic designation is not recommended due to the fragmentary nature of the material. Selected specimens of medium and small mammals of the Sierra Baguales fauna. Paramacrauchenia scamnata Ameghino Partly, because she needs a job. But also, because she feels like if she goes back, she ll make it harder for Colgate to forget that it still has a problem south florida dating married race. At this point we know that a piece of technology can t make people better or gym ask women to cover intimidating body.

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biografia de charles darwin resumida yahoo dating

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biografia de charles darwin resumida yahoo dating

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