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Release date "Interview: Tatsushi Ohmori talks The Ravine of Goodbye". . IMDb, formerly known as Internet Movie Database, is an online. The mestizo Nunzio desalinates, his the ravine of goodbye online dating site drifting poniards spoil. Ulick viral and cautious, depreciating his phosphatized or . Release Date: 22 June Such is the case in Tatsushi Ohmori's The Ravine of Goodbye, winner of the Jury Prize at the Moscow International Film Festival.

A boy has been killed in a valley dense with trees and his mother, Satomi Tachibana, is the prime suspect. As the press besiege her house the police arrive to arrest her. Meanwhile her neighbours, factory worker Shunsuke Ozaki Onishi and his wife Kanako Makia convenience store worker, seem to be uninvolved. Apparently a happy couple, the two try their best to ignore the press and carry on with their lives.

As the police are investigating the murder rumours emerge that Satomi is romantically involved with Shunsuke Ozaki Onishi. As Watanabe continues to dig he finds that the truth, be it the connection Shunsuke has with Satomi or the facts in his past, are far more complicated than he could have ever expected.

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Sex is a natural human function but when misused it can be a damaging experience. It can be a way of exerting power over others, humiliating and hurting others. It can scar a person for life. It can be a brutal crime. The issue at the heart of this film is a sex crime and its ramifications for those involved. The fact that a novel is its source can be sensed from the structure of the film, a fragmented story which has the through-line of an investigation conducted by a reporter who unearths different sources creating different perspectives on events.

This means plenty of flashbacks which slowly fill in character details and the facts surrounding the mysterious crime. Spoilers in the next paragraphs The sex at the beginning of the film is disarming. The opening shots stick firmly to the two beautiful bodies of Yoko Maki and Shima Onishi in a darkened room during daylight hours.

'Sayonara Keikoku (The Ravine of Goodbye)'

Curtains drawn, they engage in love making. Curves and flesh are shown interlocking in an act of pleasure and synchronicity. Nothing too rude or explicit since the natural lighting and respectful editing means that working parts are covered.

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This is erotic without being pornographic. The actions are passionate and yet gentle and careful, respectful even.

The Ravine of Goodbye さよなら渓谷 (2013)

This is a healthy relationship especially in contrast to what comes later in the film. We witness the nightmare of male lust and callousness that targets those who are weaker, the masculine attitudes that allow these things to happen and the consequences that result in a nightmare ordeal for the victim as it then turns into a pretty thorough denunciation of societal attitudes to rape victims.

As bad as the situation is, worse things are in store for the victim. After surviving the traumatic experience the survivor finds herself a pariah due to the stigma attached to the crime. This initiates a downward slope of mistreatment, violence at the hands of men. The crime continues to rape her, so to speak, even though she tries her best to move away from it and it results in a shattered person on the verge of suicide.

Watanabe, an average guy looking into this, comes to understand the devastating impact of the crime on the victim. Anyone with a connection can read the movie and talent pages of IMDb. A registration process is however, to contribute info to the site. A registered user chooses a name for themselves, and is given a profile page.

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