Lost girl 3x09 online dating

Woman disappears after going on online date

lost girl 3x09 online dating

Lost Girl - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 25 - Words: 72, Angsty Doccubus AU which takes place right after 3x09 and diverges from there. .. Kenzi surprises Bo by creating her an online dating profile and though. A Nebraska woman vanished following a date with someone she met online, according to her family. Sydney Loofe, 24, was reported missing. Lost Girl - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 83 - Reviews: - Favs: Angsty Doccubus AU which takes place right after 3x09 and diverges from there. Kenzi surprises Bo by creating her an online dating profile and though.

But as expected, things might not go exactly as planned. Bo is struggling with her failing marriage, but when an accident almost costs her, her daughter's life Bo's life is turned upside down by a beautiful homeless woman. Bo and Lauren meet as actresses. Romance ensues, or does it? M - English - Chapters: What happens when our beloved Doctor is sick? Bo tries to do everything in her power to help. Will their love survive this?

Following the last big group moment near the end of of 5x14 comes this missing scene between Bo and Lauren. It's for the Doccubus fans. A certain brunette catches her eye. Lauren goes to a party and meets a brunette. She's sent down to work on Bo and Lauren and tries to get them together.

But fate and random fools get in the way. It's a love story with complications and Tamsin's brand of snarky humor. Third chapter a continuation of their journey.

Longest Night Ever

Rated M due to graphic content. Hundreds of miles away, Bo Dennis grapples with disappointment and failure, and has come home to the place that used to bring her solace. Now, she finds no peace, and longs for something — or someone - to still her restlessness.

Will they be able to get back to the way things were before?

lost girl 3x09 online dating

Will Bo finally choose Lauren once and for all, and will Lauren finally stop doubting if she is enough for Bo? Lauren is a senior in high school when one day she meets this new girl, Bo, and her life will never be the same again. Rated M for language, flashbacks of violence and self-harm, and possible adult scenes in future chapters Lost Girl - Rated: She's assigned to Lauren after Lauren witnesses something horrible in the street and is being hunted by those who want to silence her.

It's not as angsty as you think it might be They might do stuff I own nothing except my imagination.

lost girl 3x09 online dating

This is all human. Tamsin and Lauren are also in Egypt escaping their pasts. Finding each other is just the beginning for their futures! Saucy Lost Girl - Rated: She knew before Rainer, she knew before she learned about the prophecy. She knew finally what her purpose in life was.

It wasn't to save humans and Fae medically. No it was to save the world itself, but at the cost of her own life.

Lost Girl 3x07 BO e Lauren

She just didn't know that it wouldn't stop there. This story picks up a few years later, with Bo and Lauren still married and in love.

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But life is never easy for BoLo. Rocked by an unforeseen event, Bo and Lauren will find themselves trying to navigate through the changes around them, and the constant pressures of their careers, while keeping their insatiable bond intact. What will she do once she meets a beautiful blonde named Lauren? Rated M for language and adult situations. The temple gets its revenge by trapping Lauren and Bo's souls in an alternative universe of Dyson's creation. The only escape is for Bo to learn the truth.

Can Bo rediscover the truth about who she is and who she really loves, despite the "perfect" life that the temple has created for her and Dyson, or are they trapped forever? There are a lot of stories where everybody is human, so in this story, everybody is Fae!

Bo and Lauren are as different as can be, and yet, or maybe because of that, they fall deeply in love with each other. Despite everything going against them, can they find the will and a way to be happy together and not have to hide it? Bo's life didn't take the usual path to success but here she was at the top of her game. An unexpected encounter with a certain blonde bombshell turns Bo's already crazy world. Sex, violence, drugs, crime and all that good stuff is in here!

lost girl 3x09 online dating

Bo is striving to win a world championship. Lauren is headed to the Olympic games in Beach Volleyball with Tamsin as her teammate. After a chance encounter one night, Bo and Lauren are absent from each others lives until their lives collide once again in a life and death situation.

Bo and Lauren start out as young love until one day a single moment changes everything. When they meet again as adults will they be able to find that connection from so many years ago. A look at how life can change in an instant and the impact it brings. An Phantom of the Opera story with a twist with our lovely Lost girl characters!

Relationship tension is high, but there will soon be more adorable things to worry about. A love from Lauren's past reappears. Will this tear Bo and Lauren apart forever or will they overcome the obstacles and be together at the end.

K - English - Drama - Chapters: Sparks will fly, tempers will flare. This summary is horrible. No idea what I was thinking. Hope the story is better. M for language and who knows what later. Cover image by CindyB. The student is bright and charismatic, just like her mom. This is a Bo and Lauren story, because that's what i write.

But what happens when she falls for the woman her new client has loved for the last ten years? Told in two time periods- the present and flashbacks, eventually, the flashbacks will meet up with the present. Bo and Lauren go away to Niagara Falls to make up for lost time but fall into old traps.

Lauren and Bo were raised in the McCorrigan crime family. Bo stayed with the family and is pitted to be don one day, but Lauren left with no intention of ever returning. When events happen that bring Lauren home, she is given an offer she just can't seem to refuse. In a tailspin with Lauren, Bo finally realizes that it's time for her last-ditch effort if she has any hope of saving their relationship.

Untouched Re-Post per request. Set right after 2: T - English - Chapters: Set between "Here Comes The Night" and "End of Faes", the story is based on an image and an idea, both of which I couldn't get out of my head. I've taken a few liberties with minor aspects of the canon.

Lauren and Tamsin have been together their whole life, since being abandoned in front of the orphanage on the same night. What will happen when young, attractive American heiress Bo Dennis comes into town and befriends Lauren? Oh, and summaries suck. What she also had was a problem though, a secret nobody could ever know about. An obsession in black leather pants. Happy Holidays to all. AU, set during the Great Fae War. Lauren's past is revealed while Bo's future is uncertain.

Does NOT follow the rest of season 4! But then she saw who was teaching the class and now she's getting more than a lecture on the topic.

Started off as a one-shot now we're here. Also I borrow some characters, from another show, but I'm not calling it a crossover cause they're not in the story a lot. Have fun adults bc kids shouldn't be reading this.

Meanwhile, Human Resistance doctor Lauren Lewis, fights for her kind from within the Queen's clutches. After Bo's dawning Lauren is still struggling with the break-up. Tamsin tries to handle her dispute with the Wanderer. Bo has to adjust to her new power, affecting all her relationships with her friends and family. Bo is her charismatic, world renowned social psychology professor. FBI AU somewhere in the background. All human, doccubus through and through. Will Bo find a way out of this, like she always does?

Kenzi and Lauren are fed up and do what comes naturally-they run. My first story here please be gentle!

lost girl 3x09 online dating

Here for the practice and the fun. Bo and Tamsin are partners in the police force. Lauren comes back into their lives after they thought her dead three years earlier. Can Bo make amends for how things ended? Rating changed to M, cause, you know. When you mix teenage fae, humans and high school together, you are in for a wild ride, fasten your seatbelts. After sixteen years fate brings these two back together but can they overcome everything left from their past and a few secrets still being kept to this day?

Everything has happened up to and including 3x09 "break" after that though has been erased. No Taft, no Wanderer. Told from Lauren's POV. Bo was raised by her grandfather and has lived and worked in his bar for as long as she remembers.

Lauren is a college professor at the major university across the street. They finally officially meet after a year of fantasizing and longing glares. This story is a character exploration, stripping them down to their solely human struggles while struggling to navigate together.