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ABSTRAX® WebStore. ABSTRAX BUNKFACE SHIVER HOODIE (Extra Small ). ABSTRAX® Bunkface Shiver Hoodie. RM Free Shipping. Add To Cart. Account Name: FAIZ IZWAN BIN ANUAR OR IDEA JINGGA SDN BHD Date and Time of Bank in We want your online shopping to be worry-free, so we use SSL (Secure Socket Layers), the industry standard encryption standard for online . You can return your purchase for up to 3 days from the date of purchase. All items purchased on line through ABSTRAX® are returnable except for please email to [email protected] or call ABSTRAX® Concept Store.


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Security We follow accepted industry standards to protect any personal information you have provided to us. We are not in a position to guarantee the absolute security of your information. You may submit any questions you may have about our security procedures by emailing us at info abstraxjingga. What are the characteristics of an entrepreneur that builds a strong reputation for the business and future success? Every entrepreneur is individually different, with his own strong and weak points.

Some may have all of these and more or less, but all of the following can help to build a strong foundation of integrity that the customers can trust, and a business reputation that is bound for success. It will describe the attributes of a risk-based management system for ensuring the integrity and reliability of critical equipment and safety systems.

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The key principle and essential features of a management system are hugely important for this element. The work activities that support these essential features, and presents a range of approaches that might be appropriate for each work activity, depending on perceived risk, resources, and organizational culture.

The asset integrity element is the systematic implementation of activities, such as inspections and tests necessary to ensure that important equipment will be suitable for its intended application throughout its life. Specifically, work activities related to this element focus on preventing a catastrophic release of a hazardous material or a sudden release of energy and ensuring high availability or dependability of critical safety or utility systems that prevent or mitigate the effects of these types of events.

Designing and maintaining equipment that it is fit for its purpose and functions when needed is of paramount importance to process industries. Maintaining containment of hazardous materials and ensuring that safety systems work when needed are two of the primary responsibilities of any facility.

However, this element primarily involves inspections, tests, preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, and repair activities that are performed by maintenance and contractor personnel at operating facilities and quality assurance processes, including procedures and training, that underpin these activities.

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Asset integrity element activities occur at many places and extend throughout the life of the facility. Industry sponsored technical committees and organizations are continuously working to advance the state of knowledge regarding proper design and inspection, test, and preventive maintenance practices to help ensure that equipment is fit for service at commissioning, and remains fit for service throughout its life.

At an operating facility, the integrity element activities are an integral part of day-to-day operation involving operators, maintenance employees, inspectors, contractors, engineers, and others involved in designing, specifying, installing, operating, or maintaining equipment.

Integrity element of work products include reports and data from initial inspections, tests, and other activities to verify that equipment is fabricated and installed in accordance with design specifications and is fit for service at a startup.

Results from ongoing the ITPM tasks, performed by trained or certified personnel and based on written procedures that conform to generally accepted standard, that help ensure that equipment remains fit for service. Controlled repairs and adjustments to equipment by trained personnel using appropriate written procedures and instructions.

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A system to control maintenance work, repair parts, and maintenance materials needed for the work to help ensure that equipment remains fit for service. The primary objective of the asset integrity element is to help ensure reliable performance of equipment designed to contain, prevent, or mitigate the consequences of a release of hazardous materials or energy.

An effective integrity trait depends on management ensuring that equipment and systems are properly designed, fabricated, and installed. The unit is operated within the design limits of the equipment. Appropriate actions are taken to address deficiencies, regardless of how they are discovered.

They started their first initiative to advertise their product by collaborating with Malaysian uprising boy band Bunkface in After that, they started produce their own brand design and in for the second time Abstrax Jingga collaborated with Bunkface for their album merchandise called Phobia Phoney.


Abstrax Jingga keep create their own design with various product. They started to produced polo shirt, tank top, windbreaker, varsity jacket and snapback.

InAbstrax Jingga collaborated with a mobile telecommunication service, DiGi for their campaign Takkan Terpisah. That series really give them impact on their sale. In the same year, once again Abstax Jingga collaborated with DIGI and this time the merchandises are more than a free gift.

The merchandises are including varsity jacket and t-shirt with four different designs. Abstrax keep their product up-to-date with more variation. Inthey added their product with shirt and jeans. Collaboration seems to be a favorite strategy for Abstrax when they collaborated with Malaysia Airline Service to create a jersey called MASterpiece. The support from local buyers especially youngster make MASterpiece a huge success for them.

Then inthey came out with the second jersey design followed by sweater and sweatshirt. They also collaborated with famous reality show Maharaja Lawak Mega In this collaboration, Abstrax produce two t-shirt that have been wearing by the contestants and backstage hosts and it for sale also.

For the third time Abstrax collaborated with Bunkface for band t-shirt.