Who is alberto del rio dating in real life

WWE News: Alberto Del Rio reveals how his relationship with Paige began

who is alberto del rio dating in real life

In some WWE gossip news, Paige and Alberto Del Rio are now currently dating. They have been publicly outed as they were spotted at. Alberto Del Rio and Paige say they're sick of people talking smack about their relationship and want to assure the world their romance is real. Before Paige and Del Rio got together, however, Alberto had a fling with WWE This left Charlotte open to date or be with whoever she wanted. The two have real life tension over the situation with Del Rio, so it seems to.

Del Rio was present with Paige when the incident went down. While there, a drunk couple began heckling them. Once the authorities arrived to the scene, everyone involved was handcuffed while they took statements to determine what happened.

After paramedics confirmed Paige was fine, she and Del Rio were permitted to leave without being charged.

who is alberto del rio dating in real life

Konnan confirmed an earlier report from PWInsider. He also said neither was drunk. For Paige and Alberto Del Riothis also meant a dramatic change in both their professional and personal lives.

Then, with the No.

Paige & Alberto Del Rio Dating: 11 Things WWE Fans Need To Know

While many fans assumed that Booker had insinuated that Paige was upset about being split from Del Rio, he blamed her anger on being selected late in the Draft. Rumors then began circulating that the two might have split up as some fans noticed the day after the WWE Draft that Paige had deleted all photos of Del Rio from her Instagram account.

The Total Divas star has in the past deleted Instagram photos following a break up with a boyfriend, as she did with musician Kevin Skaff.

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To add even more confusion, some fans also noticed that Paige began following Skaff again on Instagram! The company did not want them together. But it is still a third-hand accounting. WWE has publicly denied the allegations. After Keith Harris of CagesideSeats. As far as what words were actually used and how they were interpreted is the question. It was the first time either competitor had been suspended, and both were for 30 days. Both suspensions went into effect the following day.

Del Rio had wrestled the night before on SmackDown Live. Hours after the suspension of Del Rio was announced, WWE made its announcement on Paige and on her 24th birthday no less. Exactly what Del Rio and Paige took or did to be suspended has been publicly withheld.

There are always rumors, and the knee-jerk speculation will naturally point to performance-enhancing drugs since the professional wrestling industry has a long and storied history with those. Yet the couple being very public about their personal activities outside of the ringthen getting punished with matching suspensions, adds an extra level of intrigue to the situation. However, according to Wrestling Observer Newsletter editor Dave Meltzer, the couple did not test positive for the same substance.

Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio saw his second stint in WWE come to an end while serving the day suspension. On September 9,WWE announced that both parties mutually agreed upon the terms of his release. The suspension also factored into his decision to once again part ways with WWE. But there are rules. Their Wellness Program is one of their rules. You know that you are subject to their terms. But I come back to the same thing. So yeah that was part of it, but not all of it. There were many reasons.

who is alberto del rio dating in real life

That matter was considered closed after she released a statement on Twitter clarifying her status with the organization. WWE does not disclose details about violations in regards to why a sanction is levied, but Paige insisted she was not suspended for failing a drug test.

who is alberto del rio dating in real life

However, let me be clear that I was not suspended for failing a drug test, it was merely due to a procedural issue. So I drove miles to do it.

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Once again, thank you for all the love and support! Wedding bells are ringing! Paige gave wrestling fans all around the globe a huge surprise on October 16, when she dropped down to one knee inside the squared circle and asked Alberto Del Rio for his hand in marriage. His cousins, Sicodelico Jr. He made his debut appearance on May 9, as Dos Caras Jr. He would continue to wrestle for Hustle under the ring names Dos Caras Jr. He turned his attention away from the matches and instead try to win the approval of the fans, often costing his team the match because he was distracted.

who is alberto del rio dating in real life

Caras himself explained this behavior by stating that he "hurt his shoulder, but bravely stayed in the arena". He agreed to the contract since it addressed the main reasons why he turned down the WWE's offer in January One night he wrestled as Dos Caras, but he did not wear his mask.

5 Things you did not know about Alberto Del Rio

He was presented as a villain in a losing effort against Christian. After two months, Del Rio wrestled his first match at a house show in BrisbaneAustralia and a week later, he made his television debut on the August 20 episode of SmackDown by defeating Rey Mysterio in the main event by submission with the cross armbreaker.

who is alberto del rio dating in real life

Brodus Clay won the match and chose Del Rio as his new pro. However, Edge managed to come out the exchange victorious, after Christian returned from his injury and attacked Del Rio. After competing in a match, Show was run over by Del Rio's car, driven by Rodriguez, leaving him sidelined with a storyline knee injury. However, before the match began, Del Rio attacked Sheamus along with men posing as police officers, [] which led to SmackDown General Manager Booker T taking away his number one contender's status in result.