Reddit dating a friends ex girlfriend

Being Friends With an Ex Isn't Always a Good Idea, Here Are 13 Reasons Why

reddit dating a friends ex girlfriend

dating a friend's ex girlfriend reddit. With a different ex, a friend me he'd be dating her and i'd have to be okay with her being went the worst it could. If at all possible, avoid dating your friend's ex. It's sort A troubled wife turns to Reddit for advice after struggling to forge a relationship with her. READ ALSO: 10 Things Guys Will Never Tell Their Girlfriends. One Reddit user, LotusInBloom, had her ex on her mind and was wondering if maybe he had Which actually did happen a few weeks ago when I was out with my friends. READ ALSO: What Guys Do to Show They Don't Want a 2nd Date.

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reddit dating a friends ex girlfriend

At any other time it would have been a pleasant evening drive. Tldr, found out my, now ex, best friend has been dating my, now ex, girlfriend of almost two years a week after we broke up. Feels like i don't and didn't have any real friends. I'd like to point out this isn't some controlling who my ex dates topic.

21 Men Of Reddit Reveal The Deal-Breaker That Ended Their Relationship For Good

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  • Being Friends With an Ex Isn’t Always a Good Idea, Here Are 13 Reasons Why
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Dating a Friend’s Ex: Is it Ever a Good Idea?

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reddit dating a friends ex girlfriend

However, it means not pissing each other off in the interim with overflowing emotions, angry texts or drunken late-night I-love-yous.

Take some time apart, and if you find your feelings for him gone in the future, contact him again if you want. Sometimes being friends with an ex depends on how the relationship ended. You need to work on getting over your romantic feelings for her before you can be friends.

We did our own thing for a bit — traveling, seeing other people. But nothing compared to what we had and we both just reconnected one day and decided to give it another try. It was hard, but it made it better in the end. Being friends with an ex is easier if you started out as friends.

It can be hard seeing your ex with someone else if you choose to stay friends. If you have a partner who has been unfaithful towards you, there is nothing wrong with calling it off immediately and it might be the oldest deal breaker in the book.

Many Reddit users claimed that this was their number one deal breaker. However, one Reddit user had a girlfriend who was a secret slob and he didn't realize it until after they had already moved in together: Plates of half-eaten food left by the bed, laundry everywhere, trash stuffed under the bed.

reddit dating a friends ex girlfriend

Your partner isn't your private cleaning service. However, even if your partner gives you no reason to be jealous, paranoia and trust issues can still affect you. If you have trust issues and you have a supportive partner, you should be able to talk about them and work on them instead of letting them fester inside you.

A Redditor wrote about one situation where his girlfriend had very serious trust issues that drove them apart: However, there are some with debt because they were careless with credit cards and that can be a deal breaker for some. Then there are people who have credit card debt and lie about it.

That should be a major deal breaker. This Reddit user wrote that his girlfriend never told him that she had "mounds and mounds of debt" that he didn't know about until they were ready to buy a house together: Things did not work out for other reasons but this did a good bit of damage to the relationship.

Being adventurous may seem like an exciting personality trait to have but if you don't like to try new things or go new places, it's best if you're upfront about it.

What It’s Really Like To Date Your Friend’s Ex | MadameNoire

One Reddit user explained: How can you describe yourself as adventurous if you won't even try a glass of wine or some fine sushi? Stranger things have happened. While some men's deal breakers are cheating, messiness, debt, stalking, clinginess, children, and irresponsibility with money but some men have much more refined tastes when it comes women.

According to dcjohnson50, a man broke up with his girlfriend because of one very specific thing: If you are a straight man, you probably aren't interested in a woman who looks exactly like another man so when this Reddit user found out that his girlfriend looked like a famous actor, he had to call it quits: Most men want a girlfriend who looks like a movie star but they are probably thinking more along the lines of Jennifer Lawrence or Scarlett Johansson--not the star of Swiss Army Man.

reddit dating a friends ex girlfriend

This is why one Reddit user broke up with his girlfriend: When I came back to the table gf and her friend are laughing. I ask why, and she says 'We're making fun of all the people that walk by us' Not to their face, of course. But I don't understand why that is funny at all. You should never feel like you are in competition with your partner. A Redditor explained that he felt that his girlfriend was always trying to compete with him and couldn't let him be good at something because she wanted to be better herself.

According to this user, the girlfriend "couldn't let me have my moments of joy when I did something good in the video games we played and always talked it down and said how she did something else better so she was superior What makes it worse is that I am a humble person normally so the moments I say out loud are important for me, when I do it.

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