Nasaan ang dating ikaw lamang

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nasaan ang dating ikaw lamang

Nasaan ka, Elisa? Action, Crime, Drama | TV Series . Release Date: 12 September (Philippines) See more Ikaw Lamang Performed by Martin Nievera. With a population of 97 million, the Philippines is an appealing South-East Asian market for brands. The country has been slow off the mark when it comes to. Ikaw Lamang is a Philippine period drama television series, directed by Malu L. Sevilla and Avel E. Sunpongco, starring Kim Chiu and Coco Martin.

She and Cristobal work together to solve the mystery behind Elisa's disappearance. She has developed feelings for Cristobal over the years but she never revealed this to him.

Allen Dizon Nicolas "Nick" Perez He is Mariano's close confidant and best friend since high school who works as an accountant for the Altamira's.

He and Mariano have been allies through every storm of life. Nick once joked that kidnapping Elisa would make him rich. He has remained faithful to Mariano despite everything.

Nick, like many of the people in Mariano's life, has some secrets of his own. He is a good person, but has personal issues. He also works for Altamira's company but unlike Cecile, he is not really good in business. He only sucks up to Mariano to get ahead professionally.

He is accepted as part of the clan but secretly feels like an outsider. He was one of Mariano's favorite, Elisa have a close relationship which close enough to make him one of the possible reasons behind Elisa's disappearance. He resents his cousin Santi because he thinks his family likes him better. He is lonely and thinks Elisa is the one who accepts him.

He is an introvert, and possibly, knows where Elisa is. She harbors jealousy towards her big sister but ultimately looks up to her. Chrissy is a quiet, obedient daughter who somewhat loathes her father because she thinks he loves Elisa more than her.

She looks up to her sister Elisa and is so attached to her. Elisa's disappearance affects her greatly. Mona seduces a drunk, heartbroken Samuel; their one night stand eventually results in their marriage and the birth of their son named Gabriel, while Isabelle and Franco are blessed with a daughter named Natalia Isabelle.

nasaan ang dating ikaw lamang

Things get worse when Eduardo reveals that he is the biological father of Samuel. In addition, Rebecca divulges Franco's real identity.

nasaan ang dating ikaw lamang

Maximo accidentally kills Miranda during a gunfight between him and Gonzalo, and is subsequently imprisoned as a result. Franco suffers an accident but despite recovering, he pretends to be crippled in order to gain the sympathy of others, especially Isabelle.

nasaan ang dating ikaw lamang

Isabelle becomes pregnant with Franco's second child but Franco believes that this child is Samuel's. Franco is able to make Mona and the townspeople believe in a lie, causing a jealous Mona to flee Salvacion with Gabriel despite not having the permission of her family. Samuel catches up with them and joins them along with Lupe and Calixto to Manila.

While in Manila, Samuel and Mona enter university while fulfilling their duties as Gabriel's parents at the same time. Franco decides to run as Mayor of Salvacion, while Eduardo seeks another term as governor. They both emerge victorious. Samuel is implicated in their so-called rebellion and is arrested and tortured, only to be released as Eduardo leads a hunger strike. Eduardo, who had remarried to Elena, supports their son's gubernatorial bid against Franco, who is backed by Maximo.

During the election, Mona is killed in an ambush ordered by Maximo, who also helps Franco cheat his way to victory.

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Gonzalo anonymously divulges Maximo's dishonest acts, but is caught, captured, and beaten by the latter and his men. Gonzalo manages to escape Maximo's men, and files cases against the old man. Maximo is captured and detained following a police operation.

He had aimed his gun at Samuel but Eduardo was hit by the bullets and dies later that night. Maximo attempts to escape jail by bribing the police chief and faking his death, but his attempt becomes unsuccessful as Gonzalo and Pacquito intercept his hearse. Gonzalo opens Maximo's coffin and buries Maximo alive along with his gold bars and venomous snakes even as the latter pleads for his life and offers to pay him.

Before the protests and elections, Maximo is released as a result of a presidential pardon, and vows to bring down his rivals. He orders the burning of the Miravelez mansion. As a result, Isabelle prematurely gives birth to Andrea. However, Franco believes the child is Isabelle's illegitimate child with Samuel.

Furious at her lies, he considers banishing her.

nasaan ang dating ikaw lamang

Carlos is pained to see his mother's suffer, but he discovers his true paternity. The significance of this new information terrifies him. Concerned over losing his wealth and status, Carlos seeks Rigor's help to protect his mother's secret and eliminate Gabriel from their lives. Victoria dies in a tragic accident. Fighting off Rigor's advances, she bounces off the rails of the hotel exit stairwell, falling several floors to her death.

The suspicious death is blamed on Gabriel. Roman proceeds to formally adopt Gabriel, who now share the same legal status as Carlos.

Nasaan na ang dating ikaw

Carlos is not pleased with recent developments and schemes with Rigor to bring down Gabriel. Roman suspects Rigor has direct knowledge about Victoria's death, in Maila's accident, and with her kidnapping and subsequent fatal accident.

Escalating conflicts between the brothers lead Roman to expel Carlos from the family and the company.

nasaan ang dating ikaw lamang

Roman grants Gabriel a management position in the company and Gabriel flourishes as a dela Vega. Carlos, on the other hand, gambles and loses his P Million inheritance and his wife Isabel suffers a mid term miscarriage. He blames all his misfortunes on Gabriel and vows to destroy him. Without access to the de la Vega resources to pay his massive gambling debt, Carlos and Rigor strike a deal with the loan shark.

They intercept an illegal courier carrying a large cache of smuggled diamonds belonging to a South African syndicate. Carlos discovers the illegal stash, steals some of the diamonds and plants the leftover cache in Gabriel's car to implicate him with the syndicate.

Sylvia turns out to be his birth mother, Clara Rivera, who was secretly looking after him. A DNA test confirms the truth. Roman hides Gabriel and pretends that his son is missing and presumed killed by the syndicate. There is enough evidence to convict Carlos and Rigor to keep them in jail for a long time.