Minegishi minami dating scandal season

AKB48 pop star shaves head after breaking band rules - BBC News

minegishi minami dating scandal season

Minami Minegishi is a Japanese idol singer and actress. She is a member of the girl group AKB[1]. Spending a night with her boyfriend landed pop star Minami Mingeshi in the middle of a pop star and AKB48 member Minami Minegishi in the middle of a scandal, leading However, despite their oddly strict rules regarding dating and the band When Japanese Manga series Bakuman was released in the U.S. in For the fans who were during the time of the scandal, I'm curious of your There was pictures with the boy she was dating at the time, who was.

They resigned and have moved on with their solo careers. Sashihara Rino Shunkan Bunshun exposed her alleged relationship with a fan.

She was at the height of her popularity when this scandal occurred, and was transferred to HKT She resigned from being captain of Team 4 and went through a period of suspension.

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Her teammate, Mori Anna, also had an episode with an ex-boyfriend exposed. She left the group in but announced her comeback to the entertainment industry in She was caught spending the night at his place. She shaved her head in an attempt to express her remorse and was reverted to a research student. Later she was restored as captain of Team 4. Kashiwagi Yuki Joined a dating party with Minegishi Minami, an av star and some soccer players which lasted overnight.

She explained that she thought it was going to be an all-girls party.

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So AKB48 is a girl band with members. Logistically, how on earth does that even work? Unlike mainstream bands who subsist on gigs and arena tours, AKB48 have their own theatre in Tokyo where they perform to their legions every single night.

minegishi minami dating scandal season

Of course, nobody has the stamina to actually fulfil such a punishing schedule, so the band itself is split up into teams of around 18 members who split the duties amongst themselves. Again, unlike mainstream bands, the list of members of AKB48 is constantly rolling. AKB48 even feature on a Japanese postage stamp!

minegishi minami dating scandal season

The band has courted controversy in the past with some of their lyrics and videos. What is particularly interesting is that despite their raunchy lyrics and recurring themes of love and dating including several dating simulation games featuring their images AKB48 girls themselves are not allowed to date.

After months of campaigning, the results are announced with great spectacle on a televised show. There the winners thank their fans and promise to do their best, the losers apologize for letting their supporters down, and the cameras capture every tear and jealous pang for an annual documentary release. The ensuing shock can cause fans to turn from the idol, focusing their attentions on someone deemed more deserving instead.

Punishment of idols is rarely motivated by the prospect of financial loss, but instead reflects maintenance of order over fan-idol relationships. While scandals frequently ruin an individual member, they keep the idol group in the news and other fans engaged with the spectacle.

AKB48 idol begs for fans' mercy after breaking dating ban

Thus, for agencies, most scandals fall under the broader category of spectacle that ends up promoting the group. Agencies actively try to create spectacle to keep fans returning to concerts when the core content varies little. According to an article in The Nikkei Weekly, Japan has been hit hard by the rise of digital media and now depend more on para-release activities than singles and albums themselves.

Every twist that can keep fans engaged and in attendance is more money for the agency. Ultimately, the person with the least to gain from this exploitation is the idol herself. Even financially there is little benefit, as idols are hired as fixed salary employees and rarely reap greater profit from greater exposure There are some notable exceptions in AKB48, however.

minegishi minami dating scandal season

Any change thus has to come from the idols themselves, those deepest within the system. The narrative presents a perfect microcosm of the idol-fan relationship: The prostitution metaphor is extremely apparent and in viewing it, one is struck by the the bluntness used to deconstruct the idol-fan relationship.

Is it tone-deaf exploitation?