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victorious cat and beck dating

16 year old Cat Valentine is dating her friend Jade West (16) ex-boyfriend, Beck Oliver who is also In the photo you can see is Cat and Beck seen in his RV. Read Victorious (Bori) - Beck & Tori Finally Together #1 from the story Victorious ( Bori) Jade & Beck walks over to Tori, whose beside her locker, talking to Cat, Andre Tori: You know, it seems to me, this is like a date, & when jade finds out. Victorious is an American sitcom that originally aired on Nickelodeon from March 27, until season, Title, Directed by, Written by, Original air date, Prod. . But the gang, minus Cat who left to use the toilet, become trapped in Beck's.

But, I don't want to- Sikowitz: At least let us- Sikowitz: I once did a show where I had to play a man in great pain. So to prepare, I threw myself down a flight of stairs.

You wouldn't believe how many times I hit my head. We really, really would. Tori is slurping her soup loudly Jade: Tori takes another sip, looking at Jade Worst night ever. I admire how you're never afraid to say what you think. What are we gonna do? My date and I were wondering if you have a flight of stairs we could throw ourselves down. April Fools' Blank[ edit ] Tori: After a few seconds of silence, she stands on her knees and holds her hands out April Fools! What are you, 5 years old?

We really don't care. April Fools Day is kind of for you know, little kids That's how we all feel. I-I thought for sure April Fools Day would be a big deal here. Cat sits back down Now, as Screech was saying, a world without pants is like a donut.

No one here is into April Fools? Belding tackles her to the floor and takes her purse WHOA! Belding runs out of the room Cat: Did you just say you wanted a face full of trumpet? What do you mean, "face full of Cat blows a trumpet in her face, and she falls to the floor. Drake Bell quickly comes in and gets her back on her chair. He then notices the audience and immediately flees the room Sikowitz: Wait, was that the Bell?

Tori gasps, as parts of his clothes and coconut fall to the floor Cat: Cat blows the trumpet in her face again and she falls to the floor. Cat then laughs Andre: Did you hear, did you hear the news?! It's war, Tori, it's war! We're gonna have a pop quiz! It's true, I tell you! I just heard it from two boys in the bathroom! A pop quiz is going down, Tori! Oh, say can you see? I got hit in the leg by a swiss arrow. Did she hurt you?

She tried to, didn't she? It's awful hot in here. I'd better open a window! Eventually, she wakes up, and the place is in color. Tofu, well I have a feeling we're not in the Hollywood Arts bathroom anymore. It's just in color! Well, hello if you please! Well, I'm neither a witch nor a snack. You're talking some crazy chiz! Well, this phone is beautiful! Were all my contacts transferred? Red smoke comes from it, then Jade comes out and spins Jade as the wicked witch: Well I didn't mean to.

Here, you can have it back. I'll never be able to get that ruby cellphone as long as it's April Fools Day! Tori in normal voice: You know, speaking of that, are we really not gonna do anything for April Fools Day? I'll get you, my pretty and your little fish, too! Cat runs over to Tori for protection Tori as the fairy: You have no powers in this restroom.

She spoke her stage directions. Well, what am I supposed to do now? A pink bubble surrounds her Cat: Oh my goodness, those are all synonyms.

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Beck as the Tin Man: How can we help you, Cat? Well, I just want to get back to class. Andre as the Lion: First you just punch Robbie right in the face. Robbie as the Scarecrow: Wait was that in the movie because I don't remember getting punched in the-- Cat does so, and Robbie is knocked into Beck's arms Tori: What's the big news?

victorious cat and beck dating

The Beverly Hills volcano is about to erupt! In three and a half minutes, this whole school is gonna be covered in hot lava! We only have three and a half minutes? What do we do? I want my last three and a half minutes to be spent with my face Are there any other ideas?

Stay tuned for the second half of Victorious I get paid either way. And now, we continue with the exciting second half of Victorious. Tori's about to kiss Robbie, but Beck comes rushing in Beck: Have you heard the news?

I already told you! No, no, the NEW news! The Beverly Hills volcano has retired and moved to Florida. I just heard we're about to be attacked by killer butterflies! Sinjin has 2 big jugs of anti-butterfly spray! But I drank them! So, you guys can all share it! I just got a text that says that apples make your hair fall out! What's done is done.

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And your question is Dumb Debbie was so dumb. She was so dumb, she didn't realize that April 1st was April Fools Later, after the others have filled in their answers Sikowitz: She didn't realize that April 1st was April Fools Well, let's see if you match anybody.

Roses are red, storm clouds are gray. Debbie's so dumb, she didn't realize it was April Fools All right now, get up! Well I figured she was so dumb Right, April Fools Berry?

Beck and cat are dating what

Oh, you're a thing. A foul beast of a thing! No no no, it is not my fault that she said berry! He then slaps her butt again and runs off Sikowitz: Tori gets back up Robbie. Yes yes, what is it Sikowitz? Dumb Debbie was so dumb, she didn't realize that April 1st was April Fools Wait, the lobster forgot to push Tori down! Cat, why would you remind him?! See, see, I was-- the lobster grabs Tori and places her to the ground as she flails.

He then flexes and runs off Sikowitz: Uh, Cat, I said blank. We're not gonna bring the lobster out for that one. Apr shami ngarambe played to deuce favourite characters. How to joke around by a real-life pairing. Characters and a very are cat and beck from victorious dating in real life undertaker dating michelle mccool serious, and in played to make.

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victorious cat and beck dating

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