Trinidad and tobago dating culture

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trinidad and tobago dating culture

Women in Trinidad and Tobago are women who were born in, who live in, or are from Trinidad .. and may proceed on such leave six weeks prior to the probable date of confinement, i.e. the expected due date. . As far as cultural spaces are produced, Trinidad and Tobago has a large interconnected Muslim population. Oct 17, The factors that drive women to date these type of men are desperation trinidadian men are spoiled by their mothers and with an increase in. The culture of Trinidad and Tobago is diverse and influenced by Native Caribbean, Indian, African, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Arab, and French cultures.

After all, who wants to waste a well-oiled waist? Of course a bess wine does not automatically qualify him for a romp after a night out at 51 or a lime on Ariapita Avenue; and while Trini men want sex just as much as any man of another nationality, they have very different approaches on how to get it. They know that if they spend enough time with a woman, and play their cards right, this too will come.

They make you laugh Picong. This also ties into some of them being extremely witty, seducing you even further with their charm. I can only imagine that this was passed down through generations, from saga boys who wooed the women with the looks and charm, rather than the type of job they had.

Either way, Trini women are a talkative lot and it takes a special skill to not only decipher what we mean, but also remember the really important things that can get lost in the volume of things we say.

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Believe me, there is nothing more endearing than not having to repeat yourself, or remind your partner of your likes and dislikes. I think men practise selective listening, but Trini men have this one down to a science.

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On my recent trip home, I met one of my guy friends standing on the corner outside Coco Lounge. As we waited for our other friends to arrive, he suggested that we walk a short distance up the street to a neighbouring bar. It is something that some tend to lack here in Trinidad. Trinidadian men are given over too many times to vices. They think it is okay to become addicted to some addictive substances.

Somehow they think that this validates their manhood. The only thing that makes one a man is maturity and not showing the immaturity of being addicted to addictive devices and substances. For example alcohol, etc C. The "Bad Boy" Complex: Some men think that being "bad" is being "good" but the thing about being a "bad boy" is that usually bad things tend to follow those who want to be "bad boys.

However what they fail to realize is that a whole lot of bad trouble can come with bad boys because behind the bad boy image might not be something all that good that one is truly looking for.

Fathering children and not taking up their responsibilities as real men: Yes indeed this can be a big problem where some men have children with some women but then become absent as fathers for the children that they have fathered with a woman or even women that they have been with. They may even make false promises of marriage and so on to women that they are only interested in using sadly as a toy and as their own personal play thing.

It is a total shame that some men treat women like that in this country. This does not show manhood at all but shows how meaningless they are as real men. Again on a side note let me say to any woman reading this that you must not offer yourself physically to any man who makes promises to you but cannot make those promises come true.

Men and this goes for Trini men when they want something from a woman they will make promises to her. It is the oldest strategy in the book and so be smart and do not fall for it at all ladies. Let the man show you that he keeps his word first and then let other things take their rightful course. The Good side of Trini men: One thing I can say about Trini men is that they know how to fight to survive in the society. They know how to battle through circumstances and fight until they get through them.

It seems at times that they have an indomitable spirit that cannot be easily subdued. This is what I have seen in some rural areas mind you since I am from one of these areas.

Women in Trinidad and Tobago

One thing I can say also is that some men despite personal storms know how to endure and outlast their storms. This is something that is a hallmark and a wonderful testament of the character of Trinidadian men that I must also indeed speak about with great pride.

trinidad and tobago dating culture

These are just a few of the traits that I have found with Trinidadian men as a whole. IToldYou on 14th Jul, - 4: I don't think you can put it all in a nutshell but here are some things I find similar that I like and don't like. A Friend Page 8 Men Trini Worst Best What It is good to have the Trinidadian female perspective on this topic however my previous comments were not about putting anything into a "nutshell" because they were not about "nuts" or "shells" mind you but facts from a Trinidadian man's perspective who knows how Trinidadian men think since I happen to be one of them: Let me say this then: I disagree that Trini men are not fussy because I have met Trinidadian men who are in fact fussy though not all.

About the jokes side of Trinidadian men let me say that they do have a sense of humor however some tend to go overboard at times and some jokes can indeed lack decency or be in good taste.

trinidad and tobago dating culture

Though the sense of humor of Trini men is still to be appreciated of course but not all outsiders might be able to understand it of course if it deals with certain cultural aspects that they are not accustomed to or might be well acquainted with.

As for the fact that Trini men are not punctual I can tell you that this is not the case with every man here in Trinidad because I know of one man every Sunday reaches at his particular place of destination at 7: Sharp while the Trinidadian women who are supposed to also arrive at that place end up coming late and much later in time than this Trinidadian man.

There are Trinidadian men who do understand women and their needs. I happen to be one of them because I happen to be a gentleman of great sensitivity and I assure you there are more like me out there. However with my negative experiences with Trinidadian women here I have determined to apply my gentleman side to genuine foreign women instead though this does not mean that I will disrespect Trinidadian women but it means that genuine foreign women will be the major beneficiaries of my gentleman disposition when it comes to forming a relationship connection with someone.

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I have found that women here are more looks challenged than character observant. In order words they prefer looks over observing someone's character.

There are good men who may not have looks here in this country but for certain they have a good character. For those men like me with good characters who are serious about a relationship connection I advise that they look outside of Trinidad for a relationship where their character will be taken seriously in being able to treat a woman right even though they may not have all the looks to go along with the package.

For example Russian and Ukrainian women are known to not go for looks all the time because they are more interested in quality of treatment in a relationship rather than just looks alone because in their societies they have had good looking men who have mistreated them or even physically abused them.

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Some are even known to marry men years older than them because they think these men are are much more mature than their younger counterparts. In conclusion let me say that there are good men here who may not come in that "handsome" package that you are looking for but if you are more conscious of their character you will be able to find real gold in the midst of all that pretends to look or glitter like if it is indeed truly gold.

IToldYou on 5th Aug, - 3: I have met a Trini [man] about 3 months ago.

trinidad and tobago dating culture

He jokes a lot and comments also -- very caring and supportive in my health and reaching my weight lost goal -- very supportive but the only thing disturb me [was his being] cheap -- he always says [he has] financial problems -- every time we go out - I do ended up paying but yet he goes and spend money to buy for his family--his a great lover - have a great job -- but what to do for been so cheap? Honesty in Trinidadian Men Comments: Personally, I do love a man from Trinidad.

trinidad and tobago dating culture