Romeo and juliet trailer 2013 ed westwick dating

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romeo and juliet trailer 2013 ed westwick dating

'Romeo and Juliet' trailer features Ed Westwick, Hailee Steinfeld While the other buzzy Shakespeare adaptation of — Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing A U.S. release date has not yet been set for the film. Published: EST, 26 July | Updated: EST, 26 July Star- crossed lovers: A new trailer for the upcoming Romeo & Juliet movie has been Lewis seen very briefly in his role as Lord Capulet, Ed Westwick as Tybalt and . Douglas is currently dating Christian's ex, actress Vanessa Kirby, who he met. The stars of the upcoming Romeo & Juliet film are chatting today via Twitter and Academy Award Nominated Actress Hailee Steinfeld and Ed Westwick will be sitting and-a/ Future Man Season 2 Trailer, Release Date, and More.

romeo and juliet trailer 2013 ed westwick dating

Romeo goes to Juliet and they consummate their marriage. Romeo leaves in haste the next morning. But Juliet is shocked when her father brings news of planning to wed Juliet with Count Paris. Juliet is resistant but her father threatens to disown her if she does not wed Paris. Juliet goes to Friar Laurence for help, threatening to kill herself if the Friar does not have a solution.

The Friar in return, gives her a potion that will put her in a deathlike sleep temporarily while he will inform Romeo about this and they shall run away together. Juliet is overjoyed and drinks the potion that night.

Her parents are devastated and instead of her marriage, her funeral is planned.

Douglas Booth and Hailee Stienfeld embrace as lovers as new Romeo and Juliet trailer is released

During the funeral, Benvolio sees Juliet and thinks she is dead and immediately runs off to tell Romeo. Friar's letter however, does not reach Romeo and Benvolio tells Romeo that Juliet is dead. Romeo is shocked and devastated and plans to take his life.

He buys poison and goes to Juliet.

romeo and juliet trailer 2013 ed westwick dating

Paris tries to stop him, but is killed in a sword fight. Romeo kisses Juliet one last time, then he drinks the potion unaware that Juliet has awakened.

Juliet is overjoyed to see him and they kiss but Romeo suddenly collapses.

'Romeo and Juliet' trailer features Ed Westwick, Hailee Steinfeld

When Juliet finds out that Romeo took poison, he dies in her arms. The Friar arrives to find a heartbroken Juliet weeping over Romeo's dead body. He hears some guards coming and goes to hold them off.

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While Juliet is filled with grief, she finds and stabs herself with Romeo's dagger. The Friar returns and finds them both dead.

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Scroll down for trailer Star-crossed lovers: The teaser clip gives fans a glimpse of the two leading actors play out the famous roles in the movie, written by Julian Fellowes And it seems there could be hints of a steamy affair as viewers are shown glimpses of their trysts as they lay in bed together and embrace for numerous passionate kisses.

Although it's very different in style, seemingly reverting back to a traditional tale in fitting with Fellowes' current work. The trailer begins with Douglas' bare chest being stroked by Hailee's hand as the narrator atmospherically states: Juliet and her Romeo. The two and a half minute clip summarises the story as tension mounts over their forbidden love, and of course ends in tragedy Drama: Both Hailee and Douglas play the roles to dramatic effect as they set about remaking the well known Shakespeare story First meeting: The pair first catch each other's eyes at a masked ball Unfolding: Religious connotations are included throughout the movie Viewers then witness the battle commencing as they profess their love for each other much to the hatred of their families.

It of course ends in tragedy, and with it being such a famous story the producers didn't have to worry about holding anything back in the teaser. Although only glimpses of the starring roles are shown, creating drama and excitement with fans of the stars and of the tale. Douglas Booth is being hailed as a star of the future and certainly shows off his acting skills in the new clip Young lovers: The fans' emotions will be all over the place with the highs and lows of the drama unfolding in the clip In character: The pair show off their raw talent throughout the trailer as their families start a war against each other Giamitti will be particularly under scrutiny as he takes on the role made famous by the late Pete Postlethwaite.

The trailer has been carefully put together to show off the passionate story Ready for her close up: