Problems in relationships with age differences and dating

Mind the gap – does age difference in relationships matter?

problems in relationships with age differences and dating

May 10, 6 ways to make a relationship work if you're not the same age as your partner " The issues really begin, I think, to manifest themselves when people start to "If you're dating someone with a big age difference, remember the. Dec 25, Most couples who do not have an age gap can't help but entertain the . important solution to any problems in a relationship is communication. Apr 20, So the negative outcomes for age-gap couples seem to reside not in problems within the couple, but in pressures and judgments from the.

Despite the higher level of satisfaction reported by those with a younger spouse early-on in the relationship, the study found that the initial boost wears off quickly—generally within the first six to 10 years of a relationship. A study by researchers at Emory University in Atlanta, published insuggests another important implication of the previous work in the field.

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The studywhich recorded and analyzed a variety of data from 3, individuals who had been married at least once in their lives, centered on the relationship between the amount of money spent on a marriage and that longevity of the marriage. Throughout the course of the study, though, another interesting trend emerged: Those with a five-year difference in ages were 18 percent more likely to to split up.

As the gap widened, the likelihood of a split continued to increase. Couples with a year gap had a 39 percent chance of splitting up, and the chance of splitting for couples with a year gap was a whopping 95 percent.

While the connection is by no means definitive, it seems possible that the rapid decline in marital satisfaction relative to similarly aged couples observed in the University of Colorado study may lead to an increased likelihood that marriages with large age differences will end in divorce.

Neither study, however, was able to ascertain the reasons why large age gap relationships correlated to initially high but rapidly declining satisfaction and eventual divorce.

Jonathan Bennett, however, has a few ideas why. The relationship becomes about standing up to others, even entire institutions and systems.

problems in relationships with age differences and dating

First, how much do you actually have in common? Next, are your social circles supportive? As both Bennet and the study referenced above mention, general and ongoing disapproval of a relationship can lead to fatigue and a reduced commitment to resolving tensions that arise between yourself and your spouse.

Dr. Drew on dealing with a dating age gap

A post shared by Courtlyb Photography courtlyb on Jul 26, at 3: HC teamed up with some relationship experts to find out how these couples should handle these unorthodox struggles in their relationship.

You may be judged Every couple has a characteristic that makes them susceptible to judgment.

Why couples with big age gaps are happier, despite the social disapproval

People can be cruel, and if couples are interracial, same-sex or have an age difference, they are more likely to feel the wrath of society's judgments. Carole LiebermanM.

problems in relationships with age differences and dating

Lieberman thinks the stigma that surrounds the older woman and younger man romantic relationships may be a feminist issue. Planning for a future may be trickier Planning for a future with a partner who is significantly older or younger than you may also present an issue.

problems in relationships with age differences and dating

Most couples who do not have an age gap can't help but entertain the possibility of a future with their partner, but the added adversity of age, some couples may be afraid to talk about the image they have in the back of their minds. Meeting the parents can take on a whole new definition of awkward It may be awkward introducing one's partner to family, parents and friends when there is a large age gap.

Lieberman comments that family members may offer unsolicited advice and make unfounded predictions about the inevitable failure of the relationship. Some of us may be able to relate to this sentiment, even if there is no age gap in our relationship. Lieberman agrees that you can't argue with people in love no matter the situationand even if you are heading for disaster, "no one can ever be convinced of this because at the beginning they are smitten.

In the end, your family wants you to be happy. While it may take time for them to see that this relationship makes you happy, they will come around.

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In that light, couples with an age gap may also have to deal with those family and friends who may not take their relationship seriously. Rather than fighting them on it, help them to see why the relationship is what is best for you.

Lieberman agrees that couples may struggle to find topics of conversation and activities that interest both parties. She adds, "An older partner may feel frustrated that their younger partner isn't familiar with music or movies from the past.