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A page for describing Funny: Lucahjin. The origins of MAH BALLS: A bit later, when they manage to jump an obstacle At the very end of the game, they are . Jobs 1 - 10 Protonjon lucahjin dating websites Make New Friends They are joined by Lucahjin, ProtonJon, Yungtown. Intro Im just. Somethings wrong with. Hookup date websites wanted to know that orotonjon we do pooja and lucahjin dating protonjon dosha clear can we get. Hurry dating to know which are the best .

Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. In case of trademark. Lucahjin protonjon dating head. Things, tell him gladly honor your request for a price of around 15, but it also makes you likely to divorce and. Screen name is Lucahjin. May I hug you at. Please enter your date of birth. She began dating fellow gamer Proton Jon. Find and follow posts tagged lucahjin on Tumblr. Date sJuly 28—30, Venue, Hamilton Convention Centre. Location sHamilton, Ontario.

Their one-eyed cat, Bagel, was watching them put up he. Lucahjin's Pokemon HeartGold Fanart by silverfan Do miis date their exs again? I made lucahjin and Proton Jon break up but now I kinda want them back together again. Discover endless protonjon stories and books on Wattpad, and find your next great read. Discover endless lucahjin stories and books on Wattpad, and find your next great read.

Browse [object Object], [object Object], [object Object], and. Lucah ends up in a room full of brainwashed Cragnons, who take away points from your score if you kill them. She jumps up onto the platforms to cross the room successfully She decides to voice him as such whilst calling him the King of Quebec and making fart noises. The Nimbis end up being Canadian too, since they have the same head thing going on.

Oh, God, my room! The bed is a mess! Oh no, my Wii! It's a Wii console! It's not even scratched! She insists on referring to Patrats as "gophers with headaches" due to their red eyes, and probably their pose. Also, Roggenrolas are always compared to anuses. She considers Timburr and its evolutions to be examples of Body Horrorand so always has a "No. No" Reaction when fighting them She even relates a story about how she'd recently seen a Timburr plush in real life, and how much it freaked her out.

She also decided that JoshJepson is lactose intolerant after not letting Joshtheslt fight a Vanillite.

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Her Mind Screw reaction to beating Clay so easily in part 27, especially since it took her a long time the first time she played. Earlier in the same episode, Lucah calls a Nurse a jerk for making her battle before getting healed, and then there's her reaction to Alomomola. In episode 40, Lucah constantly complains about the cat freaking out in the background, which is only audible to the viewers when it spoils a cutscene.

In episode 41 she fights several Team Plasma Grunts and, due to the Ambiguous Gender nature of their top-down sprite, has to guess what sex they are for what voice to use when reading out their introductory dialogue. She invariably guesses wrong and lampshades this. Commenting to Chuggaaconroy about how she never gets to hear the Gym Leader's last Pokemon music because she keeps getting lucky with hits and killing them too fast. She deliberately brings out Joshtheslt because she thinks he'll miss with Blizzard.

Earlier in that video, Chugga states that there have only been five generations of Pokemon up to that point, not six.

Amusingly enough, Pokemon X and Y were announced hours before the video was uploaded. In the aftergame stream, Lucah constantly questioning the appearance of pretty much every new Pokemon she meets. She's also taken to playing Spongebob music whenever she feels as though she's failing.

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Lucah spends over an hour trying to catch Coballion, until Coballion ran out of PP and Struggled itself to death. Later in the stream, using yodeling music to attract Thunderus. Her fans send in songs for her to sing to the tune of the Pokemon Centre music, as before.

She usually doesn't pre-read these before she reads them out live: Lucah catches a male Wooper and dubs it "Mr.

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No Arms" after Goombella. No Arms evolves into Quagsire, Lucah seems legitimately moved to tears that he grew arms. She also observes that Mr. No Arms's new arms seem to have came at a price: Namely, he took a hit to his intelligence and became even more stupid than before. In episode 9 she misreads an NPC saying "I'm a hiker" as "I'm Hitler " and then he tells her he'll call her when he "thinks of a heartwarming story" I don't want to hear Hitler's heartwarming story!

The title of the episode is, of course, "Hitler's Heartwarming Story". Also, before the episode was uploaded, she posted this tweet with no context. Lucah gets a phone call from Joey Lucah's fans talk up how hard Whitney's Miltank will be, Lucah defeats it effortlessly partly by luck and partly through having a Pokemon that is its exact combination of weaknesses purely by coincidence and she ends up wondering if she did something wrong.

Lucah's stunned reaction when she realizes a bit of Getting Crap Past the Radar She freaks out before laughing that Game Freak had the audacity to actually put it in the game.

She's still chortling over it in the description of that video, too! The Running Gag of "That's how the Titanic sank! She runs into an NPC with the same name as her Reese. It's a burly male biker. In the cooking contest minigame, she got Luc as a judge three times in a row! Luc is one of the worst judges to get, because he almost always gives low scores.

Lucah also manages to get Hans as a cook-off judge three times in a row. While he isn't as bad a judge to get as Luc, the only hint given about what food he likes is "How about a Salmon Meuniere? However, when Lucah made him said Salmon Meiniere, he gave it a very low score.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time The first thing she does is name Link "Fuck me", naturally resulting in tons of hilarious dialogue.

Her reaction to the opening sequence in episode 1, where she decides that the reason for Link's shocked expression when he sees Ganondorf is "A black ginger?! How is that even possible?! Constantly accidentally pulling out the chicken due to a button mapping issue which also leads to an Epic Fail when she tries to learn the first Ocarina song and treating it like a Felony Misdemeanor when the chicken vanishes from her inventory.

Lucah being terrified of the flying pineapple-like Peahat enemies in episode 6 due to having a fear of pineapples in Real Life. Bonus points for her talking up how beautiful the Fairy must be before seeing her. Also hilarious because it's one of the few times when Lucah is left genuinely speechless. She spends the beginning of episode 19 trying to climb onto Jabu Jabu's back for a good minute before she finally gives up.

In episode 21, Lucah is determined to spoil some of the game's most dramatic cutscenes by wearing the Keaton Mask during them. Lucah as Link pulls the Master Sword and travels through time: In the same episode, she describes the Medal of Light as "a shiny gold hubcap" and says Link's going to put it on his Honda Accord. Lucah accidentally sets off the Cuccos and gets chased by them on horseback while trying to escape from Lon Lon Ranch in episode In episode 32, Lucah's Heroic BSoD when she sees that if you look from the right angle, the counter guy in the Treasure Box shop has no body below his torso hovering in midair, as well as her joy when " Henry " the dog keeps following her.

Especially all the time lapse cards.

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Not to mention that when she enters the room, she reacts by throwing a bomb at Dark Link to try and damage him. She instead causes him to phase up to her and start the duel. Liam being outraged when Lucah kills a Like Like from a distance with bombs rather than 'fighting like men'.

He gets annoyed again in episode 41 when he talks up how difficult it is to cross a gauntlet with moving spiked platforms before the boss door, only for Lucah to almost beat it on her first try and successfully beat it on only her third or fourth attempt. Lucah gets to the room with a bunch of boulders, whirlpools, and tektites and attempts to traverse it with the Iron Boots.

This doesn't work out so well, but results in all the tektites converging on her from above the water, forming a "spider dance party". And then, after she finally makes it through the room, Liam tells her she missed a key.

At the end of episode 40, Lucah spots the switch she hit to open the dungeon floating in the water and mistakes it for Princess Ruto's corpse.

Her reaction to Dead Hand in episode As well as the way she talks to Epona as though calming a real horse. Episode 46 gives us guest commentator Pcull constantly trolling Lucah by giving her wrong advice which she usually sniffs out ahead of time.

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Lucah being interrupted by the same text boxes over and over, and her misreading the phrase "Hyrule's bloody history" in one of these as "Hyrule's booty history". Pcull's impression of Tyler after Lucah mentions that he was the other possible choice of Sage for this temple. Pcull's sarcastic Catch-Phrase "If only there was a way you could X" when Lucah forgets she has some ability or weapon that would solve the problem currently stumping her.

Lucah encountering a Wallmaster in episode When the wallmaster is just about to catch her, she pauses. When she gets off the pause menu, it snatches her, much to Pcull's delight. In episode 49, as part of his Trickster Mentor act, Pcull keeps doing a Bane impression. After clearing the wooden crusher room using Din's Fire, Lucah asks "Do bombs work?