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Law & Order: SVU. Continuing Thursday / pm NBC US 45 min. .. Rapist Anonymous 15x When Rollins tries to help a friend press rape charges. A printable Episode Guide for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: a handy overview of all of the show's After further searching, the detectives discover Keefe belonged to an online dating website. Episode: 15x09 | Airdate: Nov 20, Nov 21, Law & Order SVU “Rapist Anonymous” was more about a murder than a rape, but it Kelli Giddish gave her best performance on SVU to date, as Rollins ran It was a cut scene from last weeks ep that they released online.

Dec 15, The detectives investigate a rape that occurred during the opening festivities of a luxury hotel. Jan 12, The investigation of a gymnast's murder involves her strict trainer, a wealthy benefactor and a competitor.

Jan 19, A rape victim Tammy Blanchard can't remember the circumstances of her attack. Jan 26, After a singing star's son is killed, Benson becomes concerned about the safety of the singer's little girl Hayden Panettiere. Feb 2, The discovery of a murdered teacher's body leads to an investigation involving sex addiction.

Feb 9, Stabler and Benson are assigned to a homicide involving a pedophile from a past case. Feb 16, After a female officer is raped, the case involves a police investigation, gambling debts and drugs. Feb 23, The detectives work around the clock to find the man who's kidnapping, raping and often killing young girls.

Mar 2, The detectives tell Internal Affairs reps what occurred during the search for a police officer's runaway teenage daughter. Mar 23, The squad tries to find the person who's luring and then attacking young men who work for an escort service.

Apr 20, Munch and Fin travel upstate to find a serial killer. Apr 27, The discovery of human remains in a garden leads to an investigation that involves a mail-order-bride operation and a prostitution ring.

May 4, After a pregnant personnel executive is found murdered, suspicion falls on a wealthy young friend Chad Lowewho submits to a series of interrogations by Stabler. May 11, Detectives search for a serial killer who has claimed four victims in 24 hours.

Season 3 Repression Episode: Sep 28, An year-old Kelly Hutchinson in therapy recalls being sexually abused by her father Brian Kerwin and presses charges against him. Oct 5, After three murder victims are connected to Benson's past cases, it's believed that the killer is seeking revenge on the detective.

Oct 12, A kidnapping investigation links a past case with which Cragen was involved to a year-old Ian Cronin whose adoption is deemed illegal.

Oct 19, Stabler tries to build a case against an ex-con who's HIV-positive and preys on young girls. Oct 26, When guests arrive for a party, they find the hosts have been assaulted, one of them fatally. Nov 2, A brash, intense detective David Keith is assigned to help Stabler catch a serial rapist-killer. Nov 9, The investigation of a shooting near a gay bar leads to a couple's involvement with porn movies.

Nov 16, The search for a serial rapist leads to a case in which the defense attorney Diane Baker tries to blame the suspect's actions on his genes. Nov 23, A computer game provides clues in the death of a physically abused little girl in foster care. Dec 14, The investigation of an apparently accidental death leads to charges by a male stripper that the deceased was one of three women who sexually assaulted him.

Jan 4, A woman who's seven months pregnant is found assaulted, with her fetus removed. Jan 11, The detectives seek a woman who is on the run from her drug-dealing lover, whom she saw murder a rival. Jan 18, The detectives investigate a double slaying in which the female victim was dismembered. Jan 25, Benson teams up with Fin to investigate the murder of a woman found under a highway. Feb 1, At the request of a murdered teen's parents, Stabler tries to get a serial killer Nick Chinlund who's about to be executed to admit that the teen was one of his victims.

Mar 1, Stabler breaks the rules to uncover the facts when a student Brittany Slattery claims that she was assaulted by a teacher. Mar 8, The detectives investigate the sexual assault of a cellist Emily Deschanel and discover surveillance equipment hidden in her apartment. Mar 29, Judith Light joins the series in a recurring role as the unit's tough new chief, as Cabot breaks the rules in an attempt to catch a pedophile Beau Gravitte. Apr 5, In investigating the sexual assault of a year-old, it's discovered that the victim is the rebellious stepdaughter of a judge Keir Dullea.

Apr 26, Henry Winkler plays a restaurateur whose wife is assaulted during a robbery at their plush Manhattan residence. May 3, A dark family secret surfaces after a young woman Martha Plimpton is raped at a party. May 10, After a mother Lois Smith reports that her mentally challenged daughter Andrea Fay Friedman is pregnant, the detectives try to find out who fathered the child.

May 17, Cases include a killing at a church and an investigation that involves sexual-abuse charges against a priest. Sep 27, Sharon Lawrence portrays a prostitute who claims that she killed a john in self-defense. Oct 4, Benson and Stabler wonder if an actress Sherilyn Fenn may have played a role in her husband's murder.

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Oct 18, The detectives investigate the murder of a public-health doctor whose husband Michael Gross is a retired lawyer. Oct 25, After Stabler and Benson are called in on a rape case, their victim is taken away by Federal agents. Nov 1, The discovery of a boy's body leads to a pedophile ring. Nov 8, Gloria Reuben plays a graphics designer who returns from five months in rehab to discover that her daughter is missing.

Nov 15, The detectives try to determine who impregnated a comatose woman. Nov 22, Two youths Shane E. Lyons, Connor Paolo each blame the other in the murder of a cancer patient who grew marijuana. Dec 6, The investigation into a teen's claim that she was raped involves her parents, little sister, a boyfriend and a boarder. Jan 10, Shootings at a video-rental store lead to a case involving an adopted daughter Ari Graynora sexually abused child, a lawyer's son Christopher Denham and a client's immunity.

Jan 17, Stabler goes undercover to try to find a police detective who's part of a cocaine-smuggling ring. Jan 24, In their investigation of a prisoner's death, Benson and Fin learn that he was assaulted before being incarcerated. Jan 31, The discovery of an infant's remains leads to a case that deals with a fatal genetic disorder and a parent's moral crisis.

Feb 7, Stabler is sent to Prague to look for a missing teen Alexis Dziena whose pictures are showing up on child-porn Web sites. Feb 14, A former victim of Tibetan political torture is found murdered, with one of her feet missing.

Feb 21, The investigation of an apparent suicide leads to a case involving members of a wealthy family. Mar 14, A woman in a tenement is raped and murdered in front of her 6-year-old son Max Weinstein.

Not surprisingly, the boy is too traumatized to answer questions. And one of them turns out to be, What were they doing in that apartment in the first place? They weren't poor, but they were on the run. Mar 28, The discovery of an 8-year-old beauty-pageant contestant's body leads to a case involving a virtual-pornography website. Apr 4, Multiple murders at a Manhattan townhouse are the start of a killing spree. Apr 18, After a woman Katherine Moennig fights off an attacker, what seems to be a case of self-defense murder grows more complicated following a blood test.

Apr 25, An accused rapist Fred Savage decides to represent himself in court. May 2, After a waitress is found shot outside the club where she worked, her father Joe Morton seeks vengeance.

May 9, A teen's murder leads to a case involving runaways and a doctor Gale Harold interested in human cloning. May 16, Benson speaks to a year-old at a hospital, just before the teen is abducted. Sep 23, The search is on for an abducted woman who's about to give birth. He left the message for her at 10PM, they had spoken 2 minutes earlier and he said she was going over there as Lena threatened Gene and her. He said she was stalking him and when he tried to end it, he accused him of rape.

She asks when are they going to arrest her? Amaro enters the room and asks Barba for a minute. Henderson is there and Amaro tells Barba that Henderson told him how Lena asked him how to disable the roof alarm.

Evaluating Law and Order SVU’s fall schedule

Henderson explains that a few days before Gene died, Lena said she wanted to smoke and he did not believe her as her and the dead guy set off the alarm two other times when they were having sex. The night Gene went off the roof, the battery was out of the alarm and it had been in that afternoon. As Amaro cuffs Lena, she asks Rollins to tell them she is innocent.

Rollins asks if there is somebody she can call. As Amaro takes Lena away, Benson gives Rollins a very serious look. Lena made no admissions.

Barba gives her an eye rolling glare, and Rollins says sorry, that was stupid. Barba comments that Lena knew her enough to disclose that Gene had raped her, and Rollins says she knew she was an SVU detective, When Barba asks if Rollins told her that, Rollins pauses, clears her throat, and thinks it must have come up at a meeting. Rollins adds — just to confirm — that what people share at those meetings is privileged, right?

Barba informs her that ethically yes, but legally, no, so if there is anything someone shared that speaks to this case, now would be the time to tell him. Rollins quickly says no, nothing, but she does know that Lena has been through a lot. Barba finishes his notes and thanks her, with a strange look on his face. When asked if Lena ever said she was afraid of Gene, Benson pauses but the judge orders her to answer the question.

Benson admits yes, she did.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Benson enters and comments that Rollins got her friend a good lawyer, and Rollins replies that Efron wanted this case. Benson tells Rollins she knows she is worried about her friend, but maybe Rollins should put the focus on herself right now. Rollins says yeah, right, and walks off while Fin gives a concerned look to Benson.

At the AA meeting, Nate talks about being sober 10 years, and as he talks about trusting in his higher power, we see Amaro has joined the group and sees the look that Nate gives a young woman who is there.

After the session, he asks Nate to talk to him about finding a sponsor but Nate seems interested in the woman he eyeballed earlier while he was speaking. When she asks if Nate needs to talk with Amaro, Nate tells Amaro he has a lot on his plate right now but Amaro should keep coming back.

As Nate walks off with the woman, Amaro says to himself that he will do that. He tells her he gets it, she was missed. Rollins thinks that she might have to, the way things are going, and the defense is calling her tomorrow and she is anxious about it.

Nate says one thing to remember is to detach with love, the one who drags you down. The next day in Supreme Court, Melissa testifies that Gene told her that evening that Lena had threatened them both. Gene had struggled with alcohol and sex addictions and was doing everything he could to extract himself from a relationship with someone who was more emotionally damaged that he realized. Melissa adds that Lena sent her texts saying Gene was hers and an explicit video of them in bed, he was trying to break them up.

Efron objects and the judge sustains it, strikes the comment from the record and warns Barba to mind his witness. Barba gives a half hearted apology. Efron questions Melissa about Gene marrying her, but brings out that no date was set or booked a venue, and that Gene kept seeing Lena. Efron asked if the night Gene called her, was he giving himself a cover as to why he was in that building.

When Melissa states Gene was in fear, Efron brings up the fact that Lena was half his size and he went with Lena to the roof to have oral sex on the ledge of a six story building.

Efron thinks Melissa only knew one side of Gene, and Melissa admits yes. Amaro says she does not know this guy. Rollins says he was spying on her life. Does that work with Maria?

Rollins shouts that she knows what a 13th stepper is and that is not him. Amaro asks if one of the other 12 steps it to sleep with your sponsee?

She storms out the door and Amaro says she does not seem happy to him. She turns back and gives him a huge, fake smile. She then says she does not want to take his inventory but he is jealous of Olivia and Brian and Olivia and Barba, and even Cragen. Fin has walked in and tells them both stop. The whole squad room can hear them. She turns to Amaro and says he is not her father and then turns to Fin and says neither is he. She walks out and slams the door, leaving Fin and Amaro there staring at each other.

Back in Supreme Court Rollins is on the stand for the defense saying based on her experience as an SVU detective, she found Lena's disclosure credible.

Rollins advised her to stay away from him. Efron states it is not easy to break ranks with the DA and appreciates her willingness to speak truth to power. She does, somewhat uncomfortably. Barba said that was how she described the assault, and Rollins says yes. She says no, she hoped that Nate was going to be there when she testified. She says no, and he replies he thought he did. She did not want that, she thought he wanted it.

The texts were what she knew Gene wanted her to say, she was afraid of him. Efron asks why Lena continued to see Gene and invite him over, and Lena said she did not think she could do any better and thought if she could make him happy he would change and be nice to her.

Barba questions her about the consensual sex and inviting him back for more and then accusing him of rape. Lena said she was angry that he raped her but Barba reminds her she invited him back the next night for oral sex on the rooftop ledge. Barba questions that while he was in a vulnerable position right after he had an orgasm that Gene attacked her? Lena states he was pulling at her and grabbing her hair, Barba asks if Gene was trying to keep from being pushed over? Lena says no, and then yes, then says to stop yelling it affects her memory, her dad would yell.

Barba quietly says he is not yelling now, then comments he would like to know why she lied to the police so many times. Lena looks to Efron, who nods, and Lena gives no reply. Barba asks if accusing Gene of rape was part of her plan of she killed him she could claim self defense?

As Rollins, who is sitting in the gallery, stares ahead, Efron objects, accusing Barba of traumatizing Lena. The judge tells her to save it for their summations and adjourns. Amaro waits in the courthouse hallway and stops Barba as he exits.

Amaro compliments him on a nice job, but Barba said it is tricky, if you push too hard you risk playing to her victim status, if you go to easy…Amaro asks if the defense is calling anyone else, and Barba says her sponsor, adding that she will lay the groundwork to confirm Lena was afraid of Gene. Amaro asks that when Nate is on the stand, even if he is her sponsor, everything is fair game?

Barba asks if there is something he wants to tell him about. Back at SVU, Benson comments that Brian is making dinner - clam sauce — so she will see them tomorrow if she survives. Rollins says she is pulling a double tonight so she can be there when Nate testifies. Benson wishes her good luck, but Amaro tells Rollins she does not want to do that.

Rollins snaps, asking if she forgot to ask his permission. Amaro throws up his hands and walks away. As Rollins moves to make a phone call, Benson walks over and says she thinks Amaro is just trying to look out for her. Rollins replies he has a funny way of showing it. Benson explains that she has been where Rollins is and certain victims push buttons and you can get caught up and lose perspective. Rollins slams down the phone receiver and states this is not about her sister.

Benson reminds her she went through a lot with her and asks if she has talked to anyone about it. Rollins, with a fake smile, says yeah, in meetings. Barba questions if Nate is a therapist, and he says no, but he has 10 years sobriety in AA in GA and when he says he shared his experience with drinking with Lena, Barba asks if he shared anything else with her.

Nate is shocked, and Barba asks if he was ever sexually involved with her, as Rollins looks on with interest. Efron objects but the judge allows it. Nate admits he was, until about a week ago. Rollins gets a look of realization as Efron gives a concerned glace toward Lena. Barba asks if Nate is also sponsoring detective Rollins, and when he says yes, Barba asks if Nate is also sexually involved with her.

He admits Rollins did not know about him and Lena and is not proud of his behavior. He also states Lena was aware of his relationship with Rollins and that he may have shared that Rollins was an SVU detective. Barba states that while Nate was 13 stepping Rollins, he confided in Lena that he was seeing an SVU detective who might be sympathetic to her. Nate says she did, and Barba goes on to say later that night, Lena told Rollins she had been raped.

The judge allows the question. Barba asks if after the DA decided not to charge Gene with rape, did Lena ask him if Rollins was still sympathetic to her, and Nate says yes.

Nate states he was not conspiring, so Barba says he was being played and Lena used him to play Rollins. Rollins leaps up from her seat and leave the courtroom. As Rollins waits for the elevator, Nate approaches her and says he knows she is upset. She looks at him and sarcastically says she always knew he was a smart guy.

He asks if she can sit down and talk about this, and Rollins quickly says no, and Nate says she is done with him, he gets that.