Lauren russell and kiyomi mccloskey dating

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lauren russell and kiyomi mccloskey dating

The latest Tweets from Kiyomi Valentine (@Kiyomance). Founder & creator of Hunter Valentine. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. Coffee dates are the best!. I knew she was dating Kiyomi McCloskey (in fact, Lauren was sitting on the couch in the background when I interviewed Kiyomi last year). Kiyomi Valentine, Brooklyn, New York. Lead singer of Hunter Valentine, L Word season 3 cast member and LGBTQ Tour Dates Lauren Bedford Russell.

lauren russell and kiyomi mccloskey dating

How does that make you feel? You recently launched Lyon Fine Jewelry. What made you decide to do a jewelry line?

lauren russell and kiyomi mccloskey dating

Is this another branch in the rivalry with Romi? My jewelry line started way before I was on the show — definitely had nothing to do with Romi. I worked for a jewelry store and then went into other career choices, but basically came back to jewelry.

Even before I was on the show [the jewelry line] did really well. What exactly is Friend Factor?

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An organization that helped New York pass the marriage law…basically a straight alliance for gay rights. I mean, of course gays fight for their rights [as well], but to have straight people fighting for your rights is just amazing. Lauren Russell with Kevin Jonas You have many pictures up of celebrities wearing your Equality Bracelet — who have you been most excited to meet so far? When I was at Sundance I met some pretty amazing people.

lauren russell and kiyomi mccloskey dating

If you could pick any celebrity to meet and to wear your bracelet, who would you pick? I have been to Seattle a few times, and I have a couple really good friends that live there. I have been so happy to be back and it really feels like home for good.

I miss my NY friends but thankfully, I see them a lot. I feel more settled now and really happy. It all started when I was working for a jewelry company in NYC. As a whole I felt that the market for women was too feminine for me. So I started designing jewelry on my own, one piece at a time.

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Started building my brand and look, and really went for it. I love creating custom pieces the most. If I recall, you said something along the lines of it being the first time you felt ok about coming out, but you can remind me what you said exactly. I think many lesbians can relate to. What are your memories of that time? I think I said that it finally felt like home, that I felt like I finally belonged somewhere.

I was pushing it away my whole life.

Life After “The Real L Word”: Where The Cast Is Now

I always tried to avoid going there. I thought I could just skate by and never really embrace that part of myself. It felt like a huge relief and I was excited to start being real.

lauren russell and kiyomi mccloskey dating

You also shared a very moving story in Girl on Girl about coming out to your mom. How did that change your relationship with her?

lauren russell and kiyomi mccloskey dating

Our relationship changed so much. Because it took her a minute to really absorb it and know me better. I was hiding so much, and I think she finally felt like a door had opened. There was nothing to hide anymore.