Jon and kate dating

What Does Kate Gosselin Look Like Today? Details on Her Return to TV

jon and kate dating

Kate Gosselin is ready to get back into the dating scene. It's been a little more than eight years since the mother of eight's divorce from Jon. Kate Gosselin of Jon and Kate plus 8 fame is back on the reality television bandwagon with a new dating game show called Kate Plus Date on. The former 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' star casts doubt on his ex-wife's Kate Gosselin is looking for love on an upcoming TLC dating show, but her.

Nine years since her and Jon's divorce was finalized, the long-contentious couple remain at odds.

jon and kate dating

Today their battle centers around son Collin, with a source telling E! News the exes are due in court to fight for custody of the year-old. The legal wrangling represents the latest disagreement between the laid-back former I.

Then, Us Weekly alleged he was having an affair with a grade-school teacher named Deanna Hummel. By the time Kate filed for divorce June 22, their split was so acrimonious, even their statements to the media—normally polished by publicists and filled with loving platitudes—were openly hostile. After Kate said Jon's "activities" left her with left her with "no choice but to file legal procedures in order to protect myself and our children," he responded, "I have always done everything I can to protect our family.

Who would win the media war and emerge from the divorce most beloved by fans? After all, Jon followed up his fling with Hummel Us reported they met at local bar Chill Lounge when he sent over a shot by jumping into a relationship with the college-aged daughter of Kate's tummy tuck doctor.

And even before he split from Kate, he told the May issue of Ladies' Home Journal, "I always thought I'd be, like, years-old and marry a year-old or something.

I don't blame him for having an affair. Kate labeled the reports "disgusting, unthinkable, unfathomable," but Jon still managed to fan the flames. And then there's some other guy traveling with my wife. It wasn't just that Jon was partying in Vegas, hanging out with the likes of Kevin Federline and Michael Lohan and bragging to associates he could walk up to P.

jon and kate dating

Diddy in a club with a casual, "What's up, Sean? After Hummel who never confirmed their romancethere was Star reporter Kate Major, who would go on to marry Michael Lohan, and year-old Hailey Glassman, the aforementioned daughter of a plastic surgeon.

The Real Reason Kate Gosselin Is Starring in the Dating Show 'Kate Plus Date'

But none of them shocked quite as much as Stephanie Santoro. The year-old former waitress, who spent one month as the kids' nanny, sold her story to In Touch. Under a headline blaring "Nanny Admits Affair with Jon! One time, when they were in the backyard hot tub, "I was scared one of the kids was going to pop their heads out," she alleged, "but he told me to relax.

But Jon still found ways to log camera time. The reality vet, who's said he never wanted to be sign on to the show, appeared on Larry King Live Oct.

Jon Gosselin Gets Candid About Kate's Upcoming Dating Show

They love our crew, they love the interaction, they love the events. There is nothing harmful about it. InKate attempted a new routine. With long extensions replacing her much maligned, gravity defying 'do, she stumbled her way through a stint on Dancing With the Stars.

Inshe appeared on an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap and two years later she followed that up with The Celebrity Apprentice. In between, the four-time author would shoot sporadic seasons of Kate Plus 8 where she would tour Australia and New Zealand with her brood, take them to space camp and even attempt blind dating. Off-camera, she revived old rumors when onlookers claimed to have spied her and Neild holding hands at a Demi Lovato concert.

Kate Gosselin Prepares for a Blind Date, Opens Up About Romance After Divorce

Gotta b in a relationship in order 2 'break up'! He ended his tempestuous romance with Glassman in after they fought mid-interview on Entertainment Tonight and linked up with aspiring law student Morgan Christie during a snowboarding vacation in Park City, Utah. Like, what does she even look like today?

The Real Reason Kate Gosselin Is Starring in the Dating Show ‘Kate Plus Date’

And does she still have her signature pixie haircut? Viewers fell in love with Jon and Kate Plus 8, with millions watching the former Pennsylvania couple raising their sextuplets and twins on national television.

jon and kate dating

TLC struck gold when they bought the rights to the show, which allowed cameras to enter their home and follow Jon and Kate as they navigated raising eight children under one roof.

Unfortunately, like many reality star couples, they called it quits and their very public divorce quickly turned nasty. However, fast forward a few years, and Kate is looking better than ever — and her signature pixie cut is long gone.

Kate Gosselin to Star in New TLC Dating Series |

Plus, she's ready for her big return to the small screen. Instagram So, what does Kate Gosselin do for a living now? After the initial series, Kate, 43, decided to do her own spinoff of the popular show, Kate Plus 8. With her show ending in Julywe've been wondering what this reality star mom has been up to. According to her Instagram, Kate decided to take a break from television and has been spending time with her family. However, her short stint off of TV won't last long.

Kate has a brand new show premiering this fall. Instagram Kate Plus Date will follow the single mom as she navigates the world of dating. Her return to reality television was prompted by her lack of companionship.