Is jordin sparks and chris brown dating

Jordin Sparks said Chris and Rihanna are dating | Lipstick Alley

is jordin sparks and chris brown dating

LOS ANGELES — Back in , [artist id=""]Jordin Sparks[/artist] hooked up with [artist id=""]Chris Brown[/artist] for her VMA-. Chris Brown may be backing away from his pledge to be "dogging everything moving.". The status of pop/R&B couple Chris Brown and Rihanna's relationship Slams His Relationship With Rihanna / Wishes He Dated Jordin Sparks .. Chris needs a grounded woman like Jordin Sparks, Rihanna needs an older.

I got to sing for the President a couple of times and that was pretty awesome, too.

is jordin sparks and chris brown dating

I also sang at the Superbowl and that was amazing. I didn't think it could get any bigger than American Idol in terms of viewers but, obviously, you can. How is 'No Air' doing in America? It's doing very well. Oh no, she stayed behind the scenes.

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I had no idea she was going to be there. Did you know that Rihanna and Chris were dating at that point or was it still 'under wraps'?

is jordin sparks and chris brown dating

It was still iffy. I'd always known they were friends, but I didn't know they were dating until everyone else knew.

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Do you look forward to a time when you getting a boyfriend makes headline news? I have mixed feelings on that. If Rihanna hadn't been on the scene, would you have fancied Chris Brown?

Jordin Sparks said Chris and Rihanna are dating

Even with Rihanna around I still fancy Chris Brown! It's a girl thing, he's very cute, he's tall and he's very talented.

is jordin sparks and chris brown dating

With the new series of 'American Idol' running now, do you feel you need to have made your mark by the time the next winner is announced? Who are you tipping this season?

is jordin sparks and chris brown dating

I haven't been watching it very much this year. I like David Archuleta though, he's adorable and he's very sweet. Uber long friend, even don't have all answers.

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