Is jb and kang sora dating

Asian Stars: (News) Kang Sora chooses JB between JB & Jung Jin Woon In Interview

is jb and kang sora dating

Except, the drama really only fixates on the JB/Hae-sung angle, dropping . because Yoo-jin's pining for the girl who's dating JB (sort of), who's sort of but the fact that Kang Sora's four years older than JB surely didn't help. In breaking news, Korean actor Hyun Bin is reportedly dating actress Kang Sora. JB's choice going into the serenade mission was Kang Sora, not Super Idol. In KBS drama 'Dream High 2' aired on March 12, JB had been.

And then back down.

is jb and kang sora dating

And then around in circles. By the time the last Superidol audition rolls around, the extraneous characters have been whittled away and our finalists are the usual suspects: The idols, with Yoo-jin, dancer Eui-bong, and guitarist Hee-joo up for the final six spots.

Just drop an idol into a ready-made slot, and presto, fame! Ri-an rocks the audition and wins with a heartfelt song she composed, using lyrics Yoo-jin had written this time taken with permission. JB has been hiding from everybody that his leg still pains him and collapses onstage. Those who make the group: When we jump forward eight months to graduation day, the Superidols have become big stars.

When asked how they feel about their respective fates, Yoo-jin and Ri-an echo each other: Then, we skip forward eight years…. Even deeper, I mean.

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The former Superidols all come back to Kirin High, mobilized by Yoo-jin… who is now a teacher. You have the most charismatic, most musically interesting character and you make him a teacher? Urg, my heart feels for poor Yoo-jin, so wasted. The love triangle that served as comic relief is still going strong, with Shi-woo huffy over Nana paying all that attention to Hong-joo. Back in high school, Seul had patched up her relationship with her dad and asked to be allowed to train as a manager.

This is one of the only satisfactory resolutions, both romantic and otherwise, because while their cute little loveline never occupied much screentime, it was one that made sense. Eui-bong was the one who urged her to make nice with her father, and was happy for her when she finally did. JB is now a producer, who is working on a song recorded by Ailee, a non-dancing solo singer.

Hae-sung flies in from the States… having become a successful Broadway director? But what about the newfound talent and her gift for writing songs that resonate with the mainstream pop market? The musical is supposedly a Big Effing Deal and will be a joint collaboration between alumni and students.

They were just… there. Pushing the plot along. What Dream High 2 did, seemingly, was tick off boxes to make sure it had all the components there — the voice, the rebel, the rocker, the outcast — without figuring out how to turn those single elements into real people.

See Dream High 1 for proof of how, with a little thought, a seemingly flat character can break out into more dimensions. One huge failing was the character of Hae-sung, who should have been the one we rooted for whole-heartedly to overcome her mediocrity and find her talent.

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Yet even when she tapped into her songwriting potential, she was such a frustratingly weak, meek character that I just wanted to shake her. She starts out with such low self-esteem that when people abuse her, she practically apologizes for sucking so hard that they were driven to the abuse. I thought that as the drama headed into the final stretch, at least we could look forward to her spreading her wings and standing on her own two feet. After all, she outlasted JB in the audition round, and is still in the running for making the Superidol cut.

And what does she do?

JB confesses his feelings for Kang Sora on 'Dream High 2'

You want to yell at her to have more respect for herself — you can have a spine and still be a good person! I mentioned this in the last podcastthat the drama was unwilling to actually portray the characters as they were described and therefore sacrificed story credibility for vanity. As I said, characters change without explanation, which is bad enough.

But in some instances the drama essentially rewrites its own history, like with the idols. At the outset, Eden is on the verge of self-combusting with Shi-woo always in trouble and JB wanting a solo career. The HershE girls acknowledge that Ri-an holds them back and an early episode shows tension between Ri-an and the others.

But later in the series — in its Nice Half — flashbacks take us back to the trainee days, when they were all a big happy family, forming bonds that have lasted till the present day.

Not only does it confuse you, it invalidates its own self by changing its tune later down the line.

Even though Episode 1 tells otherwise. They never got me in the heart, but as a loose string of amusing encounters, they were fine. Better light-hearted fun than needless angst, right? The pendant makes brief appearances throughout the show to get passed along from person to person. Last year, we were curious every time it got passed on, because we know that the person left with the necklace would be K. Here, it has no such meaning.

As for the romance: Seul and Eui-bong notwithstanding. Suffice to say that the same complaints hold true throughout the show, although they did improve. The minute music-video montages that cluttered the initial episodes mostly worked their way out of the show, and the musical numbers that remained were mostly tied into the audition process. If the ratings were good, everybody would put in more efforts, as a lead actress, I do have some sense of responsibility.

Acting been questioned is very hurt The acting of Kang So Ra in the drama has been questioned by a lot of picky viewers. This is something that she, who won the newcomer award via movie Sunny, did not expect, and there is people who even accused her acting has affected other actors.

Actually personally I forget about it after seeing it, instead people around me asked me not to worry, this is also one of the way people shows their care to me. Nowadays people rarely goes to such place, the atmosphere was great.

is jb and kang sora dating

Comparing with department stores, take a look at the fish and stroll in the market, eat friend rice cakes are even more interesting. JB and Yoo Jin are very charming, Yoo Jin is the kind of free-spirited, JB should have a lot of pressure as the star, I like person who has the ability to communicate and understanding, and have common interest with me.

Becoming a couple with idol star has also made Kang So Ra received a lot of pressure from fans. Normally, will begin filming right after setting up a camera. The sketch everybody casted doubt on previously basically was done when traveling.