Gary lightbody and lisa hannigan dating

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gary lightbody and lisa hannigan dating

singer Gary Lightbody has had his heart melted by fellow singer Lisa Hannigan . The pair only began dating when they appeared together at the Meteor. But Snow Patrol leader Gary Lightbody has got too much nervous . As part of the project, Lightbody recorded a duet with Lisa Hannigan, but. JUST UNDER 10 years ago Lisa Hannigan drifted into the public on September 8, Snow Patrol front man Gary Lightbody introduced Lisa by.

And I started right away with OMG we weren't even able to be on the computer today and a friend told us what happened today.

Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol with Producer Johnny McDaid at the BGCV Music Studio

Honey and I sort of tag teamed her in the fact that when I would finish talking honey would continue. We told her that we were so upset and thought that maybe it wasn't true and that we were devastated. She said that when she heard about it she was also very upset. That stopped both Honey and me and made us realize that maybe this wasn't a planned or discussed decision.

There were definite tears in her eyes and I almost lost it and I think Hon had tears in her eyes as well. We told her that she is amazing and that she has her own set of fans. It was so meant to be that she was there and we were able to talk to her. We all just were in shock and she said that she was here to support Gary Lightbody, which I am guessing that she is officially dating him.

And she should be starting on some solo work within the next couple of weeks. She looked tired, she looked like she needed support and that's what we were trying to give her.

gary lightbody and lisa hannigan dating

She is just the sweetest thing in the whole world. Honey told me that I was touching her the whole time and I don't even remember doing that.

Oh Yeah! It's Lisa and Gary

But it was cold out and I was treating her like I would treat a friend who is going through a hard time and if it's cold out. I don't love her like Honey love's her, but I love her a whole lot. While we were talking to her we totally missed the rest of the band. We met the best one's anyway.

Lisa Hannigan's beautiful At Swim is an album to drown in – review

So that was the first heart break of the night. To lighten the mood I started asking questions about Shane. Lisa told me that he is one of the sweetest, nicest people you could ever meet. I said that's why I am in love with him.

gary lightbody and lisa hannigan dating

And she said that he just got engaged. I was so sad, and she said don't worry there's no ring on his finger, he doesn't have kids yet, you could still break it up.

Honey was laughing and said, "Lisa!! She laughed and said she would. I also asked when his b-day was and she forgot but said that she thinks he's a taurus, but that he has a summer b-day. I know I am crazy for shane. Honey and I were both able to get pictures with her. No one else talked to her except for us. When it was time for her to leave she gave us both a hug and we told her she's amazing and we love her.

Once in the van I made eye contact with her and I waved and she waved back and the van was off. Honey and I lost it!!! We called Cara right away and honey told her what happened and we freaked about it and Cara laughed at us. I still can't believe what went down last night. When I woke up this morning I was all depressed, I still am a bit.

I feel a little like I did after not meeting U2 when I slept on the street. And then learning that Shane is engaged just made it hurt a little bit more. Once we got home we turned on the computer and read the official statement that was on Damien's site. To say that it is cold is putting it lightly. I even heard that Lisa actually quit the band 30 minutes b4 their Munich show.

As a result Lisa will not be appearing at any of the upcoming live shows. Lisa is embarking on her own artistic endeavours and there are no plans for them to work together in the foreseeable future. Everyone is speculating that it's Damien's fault. I certainly think it is. I really think that he told Lisa that she was spending too much time with Gary or her solo stuff and said that's enough. I don't want to be mad at Damien but it's hard not to be.

Lisa Hannigan's beautiful At Swim is an album to drown in – review

He can be really difficult and he certainly makes life for himself more difficult then it needs to be. I really don't know what to say to this. It is greatly upsetting to me and I want to talk to damien about it. No one gets out of here tonight. Hit the button there. The one that says, Wrong. I have a propensity for calamity. - Lisa Hannigan - out from the shadows, into the spotlight

My great ability is being a buffoon. Drink, or whatever your particular poison is, can send you there. I thought, very arrogantly, that we were going to be a big band as soon as we started. We were flown to New York, yada, yada.

As a kid, I had this feeling it should have happened faster. Lightbody is still haunted by an incident that forced Snow Patrol to cancel a show when the singer lost his voice after getting hammered. H E also regrets some of the politics to this point. Those include sacking founding member Mark McLelland and Snow Patrol being dumped by their former record label, Jeepster. Back then, Lightbody complained the label were giving all their love to stablemates Belle and Sebastian.

I don't hold grudges at all. We are at a boutique hotel near Picadilly Circus in London. Lightbody orders room service salad to his suite while explaining the new album. This is the priority status that a global smash single Chasing Cars and worldwide hit album Eyes Open buys a band. We are in a ridiculously privileged position in that our job is our hobby.