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When Alex Fontaine (pictured) joined an upmarket dating agency, she was the Association of British Introduction Agencies (ABIA), said: 'People should they can do matchmaking but a dating agency is a complicated business. .. Amy Adams reveals she annoyed Whitney Houston while working as an. The association is hoping to build on the trustworthy image of Singapore's To win the trust of the public, the agencies under ADAMS have ADAMS promises to provide a one-stop shop information about dating agencies. A fascinating and tough field for dating sites. Here's my interview with Lorraine Adams, CEO of GN. What is your company and founding story?.

Lorraine Adams, who owns and runs the agency, says everybody who signs up is game for a bit of global dating. They are difficult to match up and hell to keep going. Many sign up with the first website they see. But care is needed to choose a reputable, cost-effective service. With no legal regulation, anyone can set one up. Stories abound of people who have paid hefty fees to an agency only to find there are too few suitable members on its books to provide enough appropriate introductions or that the business disappears within weeks. :Welcome to reliable Odessa Marriage agency!

Lyn Davies, chairperson of the Association of British Introduction Agencies ABIAsays around half a million people a year sign up to standalone personal introduction services of which she estimates there may be or more operating at any one time.

It's odd members, most of which have been established for five years or more, are bound to comply with a stringent code of practice and an arbitration scheme is offered for settling disputes between members and clients. To gain membership, agencies must provide proof of their financial viability and that the business is conducted from premises which members of the public can easily locate and visit.

It has no truck with agencies trading from a P. Box number or which operate premium-rated phone lines. Members divide into three types.

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At the top end are specialist headhunting services, where you employ your own personal search agent to find you the ideal partner. At the other end of the scale are the classified ads and free internet sites.

Individual matchmaking Gorgeous Get Togetherswww. Drawing Down the Moon www. If you want to sit back and be told how to dress, act, where to eat and what presents to buy then you will pay full wack. Trad dating agency Less pricey are agencies which effect introductions by computer comparisons of clients. The aim is not to treat a singleton as a problem that needs to be solved, but to assist the course of fate by offering events where singles can mix in a way that feels natural, coupled with bespoke introductions based on detailed psychological profiling and good old gut instincts.

This approach also provides a degree of quality control not offered on Tinder or similar apps, including the popular Happn, which connects people based on GPS proximity — for example, in the meat aisle of Tesco — making Tinder seem positively inconvenient.

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This is to say nothing of the full-on psychos one might encounter if dating electronically. We meet two women leading the way in the brave new world of blind dates and singles nights. LBDs at the ready… socialconcierge. I call us the Shoreditch House of dating agencies.

The Association of British Introduction Agencies - ABIA

I want to give dating cool credentials. Even if they work in finance, they have diverse interests and are open-minded. A friend of mine, who works in banking, skis and went to Eton, but lives and parties in East London, loves festivals, dates a brainy civil servant and has friends from all walks of life, is a perfect example.

The biggest challenge is getting men to convert a successful date into a relationship. No matter how great someone is, they are often reluctant to commit.

Men get addicted to the dating process and want to see who might be around the corner. It was the way they described people, the places they liked to travel to, the way they both could have been very glamorous but were hippies instead that convinced me. They both rang me after their first date and said they had met their soul mate. Those moments make me happy that I do what I do.

They spend three minutes with each guest, and then subtly make introductions. Thanks to them, about 45 per cent of guests will either kiss or exchange numbers with someone by the end of the night. Men are very focused on looks — especially weight — and they all think they want to be with a creative woman. They are envisioning a sexy tomboy type like Mila Kunis, someone who is bohemian but also thin and immaculate — a type that only really exists in Hollywood. Women are more open-minded and more willing to go for it, in terms of embracing events, but they are also more black-and-white about certain things.

Height and shoes, I have noticed, are very important. Kindness is the attribute that tops the list of what most women are looking for.

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I vet every member and only accept 20 per cent of applications. We ask people to list their favourite bar and restaurant.