Are onision and cyr dating

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are onision and cyr dating

He used to be friends with Onision and frequently collaborated with him, Prior to officially dating, Cyr told Mina that he was not promiscuous. Onision and Lainey had tried to keep their relationship a secret, perhaps because they knew of the backlash he would have received for dating another. Anonymous said: If Skye really is dating Cyr, she is going to have to deal with a huge pathological liar. I new him personally in real life. He was.

Dasha & Cyr

Cyr 'respected' his brother he later says he was worried his brother was going to cut the lease so they would all be homeless and asked Edwin to leave. Cyr paid first two months of rent to cover Edwin and never held it against him. He wanted to give him an oppotunity to create videos. Dash explains they didnt kick him out despite that situation, he left on his own accord. They both explain that they had been away from home and came back to see they have left with just notes.

Cyr tried to get in contact with Edwin out of worry but eventually found the notes. Cyr explains how he feels betrayed and says Edwin is no longer entitled to speak to him. Dash gives the most evil smirk here which is unsettling.

Video basically ends with more cyr talking about how Edwin look the camera and keys so he had the locks changed, dash tearing up and more shouting at the camera.

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IMO both of them seem to be in the wrong but maybe edwin more so. Edwin comes across as super fame hungry and tryhard. Onision decided to no longer be friends with Cyr the first time because Cyr asked for a video they were in together to be removed and Onision felt betrayed.

Because of her honesty, people who hate Onision have turned on her, demonizing her as her statements to not meet their anti-Onision agenda.

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Why did she pursue friendship with Onision after they divorced? The girl he dated just after signing divorce papers was not the cause of his marriage ending, as his marriage had already struggled repeatedly.

The key point people seem to miss about Onision and his first marriage is how it was established. Onision was joining the military and wanted to bring his, literally friend, at the time with him.

Onision broke up with me...

So he asked his, literally friend, to marry him and they did just that. Going from military base to military based, barely ever having marital relations.

are onision and cyr dating

As you can imagine, Onision moving on so fast after the divorce papers were signed approximately a week after signing, approximately two weeks after he stopped sleeping in the same bedwas an easy thing to do considering the marriage had little romance. The girl Onision moved on to after his ex wife was a Canadian singer.

are onision and cyr dating

She made her initial contact with Onision by emailing him, as she was a viewer of the OnisionSpeaks channel, she wanted advice for her own past relationships. Unlike other pages about Onision however, this is not about taking sides, or exposing every detail of every persons flaws involved, these facts are only stated to emphasize that Onision had many warning signs getting into a relationship with this girl, and chose to pursue it anyway.

are onision and cyr dating

When the police arrived, she admitted she threatened to kill herself and they promptly took her to be mentally examined. When they put her in the patrol car one of the officers told Onision that if he wanted to leave the home, now was the time.

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Onision had weeks worth of food in his home, and active utilities so he felt his ex would be fine living in his home while he lived in LA.

Within hours, he was on the road, leaving a painful past and hoping for a promising future. Unfortunately when Onision arrived in LA, he began to feel incredibly lonely. Eventually he found someone on his own forums Onision. Onision began crying after being rejected and she threatened to leave the hotel. In response Onision accepted she was not willing to see her boyfriend cry, so he chose to not cry again in front of her.

are onision and cyr dating