Anzu and yugi dating

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anzu and yugi dating

Yugi just used Atem to get a date with Téa. Sneaky brat. Yugi is so adorable!!" Yugi Anzu Atem by on @DeviantArt Yugioh Yami, Comic. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Humor/Romance - Yūgi M., Anzu M./Tea . "Look, just because a clod like you couldn't get a date to save his life ". Yugi and anzu Yugi has had a long-standing crush on Anzu. Jonouchi picked up on this after suggesting that she might be dating someone, which got Yugi all.

You just need more practice. I'm gonna catch a movie. I ain't no sissy boy! She crossed her legs seductively. He scratched the back of his head.

I've been wanting to see that movie, too. We could catch up with you at Burgerpalooza afterward. How'm I going to get used to it if I don't try? Yugi blanched, ducking away from his grinding fist and into his seat. What can I get you fine young people?

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Honda merely stuck out his tongue. Just for that, it's your treat! I don't think so, lapdog! You can see he's not overweight at all. Honda just rolled his eyes. What do you want? The movie talked about what happened in it at the beginning, but didn't cover much.

anzu and yugi dating

We could watch it together. Luckily, he was saved from contemplating this further by Hiroto arriving with the food. I kinda owed it to you for that lapdog comment.

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Yugi was enjoying his shake, but he couldn't help thinking about what Anzu had said in the back of his mind. What do I wear, do I use cologne? He'd known her ever since he was in elementary school, so it had never really occured to him that she had grown up, too. She was a beautiful girl with brown hair, chocolate eyes, a pleasant smile and an even more pleasant figure. He'd realized she was a woman in body, but somehow hadn't linked that to the Anzu he knew, his lifelong friend.

The fact that they might go on a date startled him.

yugi's date

Could he really go out with this beautiful girl without ruining things in some way? He was carrying a box of Duel Monsters booster packs he'd just opened. I don't see why not. Fine, fine, do as you please. Just make sure she leaves by Am I permitted to pinch anything?

Anzu Masaki

According to a love tester, Yami Yugi would be a better match for Anzu than Yugi. After Yami Yugi prepared to ascend to the afterlife, Anzu was visibly upset at watching him go. Kokurano Kokurano Kokurano was a charlatan fortune-teller who was also a vicious lech.

When Anzu let him read her palm, he told her she would meet the man of her dreams later that day. Soon Kokurano realised that Anzu was in love with someone else, so he altered his prediction so that Anzu wouldn't meet the man she was hoping to meet, but would swoon before a new man.

With that, he drugged Anzu. Seeing both girls leave together by themselves the next day, Honda feared Miho was also dating for pay and follows them, resulting in him getting a job there too. Finally Yugi and Jonouchi follow the three of them after school the next day. They were alerted by a detective that there was an escaped convict in the restaurant.

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Knowing the convict has an injury on his right calf, Anzu spills a basket of toy cars, so she, Honda and Jonouchi can secretly checked the legs of the customers as they gathered the cars. After one man made a fuss over being searched they alerted all customers of the convict, but none of them were willing to co-operate. After hearing the convict is allergic to eggs, Anzu lied out load that they should have no problem as the burger buns have traces of egg in them.

This caused one man to panic, exposing him. That man, Tetsuo Sasakitried to escape but exposed another convict, who had been framing him in the process. After being exposed the other convict, Jiro the Jorogumotook Anzu hostage and blindfolded her.

anzu and yugi dating

Dark Yugi took control and played a Shadow Game with the convict. To Anzu, his voice sounded like Yugi's, but he was much too confident and dangerous to be Yugi.

Dark Yugi defeated the convict and saves Anzu.